by Lamont
(Indianapolis, In)

Just wanted to say that Psylocke does not have telekinesis at all. She is only a powerful telepathic. Very skilled in martial arts to ninja level. Like the site a lot tho thanks for publishing the site.

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Dec 27, 2010
Psylocke Telekinesis
by: Valerie

Hi Lamont,

Thanks for your contribution! Initially, Psylocke didn't have telekinesis abilities. But ever since she fought with Shadow King and with some "juice" from Phoenix, she managed to attain that ability.

So that wasn't her natural born ability. I wrote slightly about that fight in a short description about her superpowers on my website here.

Other references to read as well for more information: Wikipedia, Uncanny Xmen.

I can't remember which X-men comic issue specifically that had the fight between Shadow King, Psylocke and Phoenix. I will try to find and if i get lucky, i'll fill you in on the issue number. Merry Christmas!

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