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My Review: Pyro X-men

Pyro looks every bit a typical crook. I saw him in a few issues from my own X-men collection, and so I had to double-check my findings on the Internet before doing this.

So please excuse me for any inaccuracy.

When he was first featured, he was already fighting together with the first Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (yes, there are many versions of this group!).

However, I do have my doubts regarding why he is even working together with them.

Pyro together with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Brotherhood

I thought that his superpower was quite cool because he had complete control of the fire as long as it is under his mental control. And he also has an Australian accent. How did I know? Well, he was featured in the 1990s X-men cartoon series and so I heard his "voice".

Based on what I know about him, I do not think he is evil. He redeemed himself by saving Senator Robert Kelly in the end before his death. He was probably on the wrong side and if he was approached by the X-men first, who knows? Pyro could be among the X-men!

If you do not already know, Pyro was in the X-men 2 & 3 movie, X-men United and the Last Stand respectively. And he was acted by Aaron Stanford. Originally, he was together with the X-men but joined Magneto at the end of X-men 2.

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Basic Profile:
Code Name: Pyro
Real Name: St. John Allerydyce
Other Alias: -
First Appearance: Uncanny X-men #141 - Jan 1981
Romance Partners: -
Relatives: -
  • Control of fire
Team (Past & Current):
  • Brotherhood of Evil Mutants II � Past
  • Freedom Force - Past
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Brief History:

Pyro from the X-men comics was first featured in the issue #141. He was born in Sydney, Australia. When he was in his teens, he knew his superpowers, but found that he has no use for them.

Therefore, he became a journalist until he met Mystique. She invited him to join the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and he agreed. Then the leader was none other than Magneto.

Pyro attacking Wolverine with his superpower Attack

He fought faithfully against the X-men, which were their sworn enemies. Later, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants started serving the United States government.

With a condition that they would be pardoned of all their crimes they had committed. Eventually, they were renamed as Freedom Force.

A few years later, he contracted the legacy virus, which is a terminal illness that kills all mutants. To seek redemption for the wrongs he had once committed, he saved Senator Robert Kelly from the attack of the new Brotherhood of Mutants before he was killed by the virus.

However, he will be glad to know that his sacrifice was worth it. After this incident, Senator Robert Kelly decided to work towards co-existence between humans mutants.

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Superpowers Limitations:

Pyro X-men controlling the fire Fire

Pyro has a special ability to manipulate fire by mentally controlling it. He is able to make a flame into any shape, heat intensity, size and so on based on his desire.

As talented as he is, however, he is unable to create fire. Also, he is vulnerable to fire if it is not under his mental control. Otherwise, he is invulnerable to any fire attack. Usually, he has a device on his back that helps him to create fire.

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