Rogue stuff

by Emma
(Suffolk England)

Firstly you didnt mention when she absorbed sunfires abilities permanently giving her fire power which by the way is way cool! (no pun intended)

Also Rogue shared sereval kisses with Colossus due to the fact that when he's in metal form she can touch him. Then there's the Messiah Complex which is about a baby that Sinister has a hold of. Anyway, the story that ends with Rogue grabbing Mystique's face bare-handed, fully absorbing her powers and consciousness. Mystique is left on the floor incapacitated as Rogue tells Gambit that when the baby touched her, it removed all the psyches of everybody she has ever touched and that only herself and Mystique are left in her mind.

She says she needs to be alone and tells Gambit not to follow her. Mystique then become an second person in Rogues mind, they talk to each other.
One quick question; What's you favourite portrayal of Rogue?

Mine has to be X-men Evolution. I have to the say the the Film Rogue, Anna Paquin, meh not good. She made Rogue out to be a total loser.

Anyway i like what you've done, Rogue rules!

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