Rogue's name and history

Rogue in x-men evolution

Rogue in x-men evolution

The various comics cartoon and movie incarnations of Rogue have been diverse in all aspectes, including name and past. In the movie she was never part of the brotherhood and she did reveal her name to Logan, but all together i think the movie tried to peice together the comics and a new story.

And in the x-men evolution cartoon mystique and destiny adopted her from a foster home program and her powers developed at 16 or 17 with her real name either rogue (which with her first appearance is a reasonable assumption since she had just developed her powers and was already being called rogue by her mothers) or her real name is never revealed.

Her personality in the evolution cartoon is also slightly more angry and she is Gothic rather than the southern belle that is rogue in every other x-men story line I've come across.

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