rogue's personality,and style

by Charles Carlos
(New Orleans)

Rogue is a strong willed and down to earth woman who has no shame in her game. She's one of the sexiest and most beautiful women living at the x-mansion. She can be complex,and withdrawn at times.

But most of the time when her confidence is on high, she's wild, and fun, unlike the movie portrayal of Rogue. It was shallow, and brief, most fans know her for her bad girl,sexy, kick-ass, real, and gritty persona.

Emma Frost is depicted as a sexpot mostly for her skimpy outfits and almost shallow and cosmetic physique, i use "almost" because, she has admitted to having surgical augmentation. But rogue's sexiness has always been shown as a real brick house, down to earth southern "gal" with the attitude to back it up, that's the rogue that's most loved by fans.

Her style is directed by her confidence in herself when she's feeling complex about her powers and life, she often covers up head to toe. But she has been known to show off her body!

Even though she may make skin contact with someone on mistake. She was also depicted as a skimpy daisy duke, cut off shirt, high heel wearing fox on many occasions. But as of lately she's been very much covered up.

However, when sista' dresses she dress to kill, once Rogue and Kitty Pride went out to a restaurant, and Rogue was flooded with free gifts because of her looks, and charm, once she went into a bar and every guy was just fixated on her. Rogue is a striking exotic beauty with a complex personality.

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Mar 12, 2010
powers like personility
by: Anonymous

rogues personility in the move is shy, loner,secretive she is a very dangerous person two be around atleas without her gloves in less you look fanting

Apr 19, 2009
Southern Girl Charm
by: Valerie

The southern girl sure knows how to work her charm, but i would say Emma Frost and Rogue are very different not only in character but also in how they carry themselves. Emma like to work or represent herself in a more enigma/mysterious kind of way and having people to always guess what's her next move.

But Rogue on the other hand is honest and forthcoming. Not to mention her attitude which has also drawn Gambit to her! She is charming and beautiful in her own way. And flaunts her beauty wherever and whenever she pleases. Now, that is attitude. ;p

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