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Code Name: Sakura

Your Gender: Female

Country: Sweden

Her Superpowers:
Power Augmentation, Power Negation, Power Sensing, Invisibility, Superhuman Reflexes, Superhuman Senses, Empathy, Psychometric, Psionic Blast and Psychic Weapon.

Her Role:
Undiscovered Mutant
Tell us a bit about yourself:
I chose my code name because normally when I fight it always ends up raining for some reason. People began to call me, "Rainmask" because when I did fight, most people never saw my face, because of all the rain, it covered me like a mask. I have a very unusual appearance. I have pastel pink hair and dull green eyes. Instead of normal human ears, I have the ears of a cat, and a cat tail both of which are white. I'm very quiet, and never talk to anyone unless spoken to directly. At night I play the piano, usually a different song every night, and the whole town can hear me.

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