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My Review: X-men Scarlet Witch

She first came across as someone who was weak and easily manipulated as she was a pawn in Magneto's evil cause during her days in the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

Hex sphere Ultimate X-men

However, she began to slowly change my weak opinion of her when she started to evolve into the woman she has become today.

I came to learn that she was indeed truly a innocent and harmless girl who was caught amidst the chaos happening around her.

In the earlier introduction of her in the X-men comics, i noticed display of remorse after evil deeds were committed and realized it was only a matter of time before she break free to do the right thing.

When she eventually broke out of her shell, she was firm in her decisions and in her strong commitment to right the wrongs done. That i personally feel is very courageous and requires complete commitment on her part that not everyone would be able to do it.

Her strong sibling bond and love for her brother, Pietro, demonstrated how much she valued family ties and explained the rationale behind why she agreed to assist Magneto (her father) in his evil quest for mutant domination against the humans.

She wanted acknowledgement and love from her father.

After everything she has gone through, I can say that my impression of Scarlet Witch has changed!

Her portrayal in the X-men comics is one who managed to make a difference despite her earlier wrong-doings when she was with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Who said one cannot have a second chance and it was no use trying? Well, she proved them all wrong!

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Basic Profile:
Code Name: Scarlet Witch
Real Name: Wanda Django Maximoff
Other Alias: Gypsy witch, Wanda Frank
First Appearance: X-men #4 - March 1964
Romance Partners:
  • - Vision - Ex-husband)
  • Magnus (Magneto) - Father
  • Django Maximoff - Deceased Adoptive Father
  • Magda - Deceased Mother
  • Marya Maximoff - Deceased Adoptive Mother
  • Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver) - Brother
  • Lorna Dane (Polaris) - Half Sister
  • Vision - Ex-husband
  • Luna Maximoff - Niece
  • Control chaos magick
  • Affect probability fields
Team (Past & Current):
  • X-men
  • Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
  • Excalibur
  • Avengers
  • Lady Liberators
  • Force Works
  • West Coast
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Brief History:

Magda, wife of X-men Magneto, left in search of a safe haven as she was terrified of what her husband is slowly evolving to. She took sanctuary at Mount Wundagore in Transia, the home of High Evolutionary and gave birth to twins, Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver) and Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch). Wundagore Mountains was said where the demon, Chthon, imparted the "chaos magick" to her during child birth. After which, they were handed to a gypsy who became their adoptive parents.

Birth of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver Birth

Afraid that Magneto would find the twins, she left the sanctuary and eventually committed suicide (in other comic variations, it was said she died exposed to elements). As Scarlet Witch approached her adolescence years, she came to learn of her ability to cause strange phenomena to occur with the use of probability-altering hex spheres.

She was forced to flee her home with her brother, Pietro, when an angry mob came to demand justice over the frequent thefts of her adoptive gypsy father, Django. Still learning her new found abilities, she unintentionally set a house ablaze during a visit to a new village. This event caused a huge uproar and soon they were cornered by the villagers despite trying to escape and with their mutant abilities. In the unlikeliest of events, Magneto came to their rescue while still unaware that he was their father. To pay Magneto back for rescuing Pietro and herself, she signed on with his Brotherhood of Mutants. Although, she might not enjoy the evil deeds requested of them by Magneto, she felt obligated to get the job done.

X-men Scarlet Witch feeling obligated to Magneto Obligation

X-men Scarlet Witch feeling obligated to Magneto 2 Obligation 2

Scarlet witch feeling remorseful Remorse

During her stint when she was in the Brotherhood, she questioned the tasks assigned to her and displayed signs of remorse when innocent lives were to be sacrificed. When the brotherhood was finally disbanded, she was delighted.

To atone for her sins committed during her days in the Brotherhood, she decided to join the Avengers and brought Pietro with her as well. It was during that time in Avengers where she met her ex-husband, Vision.

During her days when she was in the Avengers, she finally felt valued for her abilities and not exploited for her abilities. It was also during this time that she found out about her true parentage and her real father, Magneto, was the man who saved them many years ago.

Magneto used this leverage to persuade both Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver to rejoin his cause. But this time, she knew better and rejected his cause to commit more evil deeds.

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Like all mutants learning to cope with the new discovery of their powers, she was afraid and easily influenced. However, over the years, she has learned to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. Hence, that is why she joined the Avengers after the fall of the Brotherhood.

She believed in doing good deeds, probably not having the same aspirations as Prof X, but she meant to do no harm unto mutants or humans. She has a long road ahead of her and moulding her beliefs/ideals along the way.

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Superpowers Limitations:

X-men Scarlet Witch as her name describes has the ability to perform sorcery also known as hex-spheres that disrupts reality by causing molecular disturbances by inducing chaos in her target's probability field.

Hex sphere Hex Sphere

In other words, she is able to shape reality to suit her desires such as altering memory, resurrecting the dead, etc, and imagined by her target. This superhuman ability is also known as "chaos magick" or the mystic of the arts.

She is able to cast hex spheres or bolts of energy to her victims and inducing the most unlikely of events to happen. The extent of her hex spheres is however limited by her sight of the target, which also requires a great amount of concentration and conscious effort for best effect.

At the beginning, most of her hex spheres were triggered subconsciously regardless of any intent or not like the setting of house ablaze as mentioned in the brief history above - click here.

This usually results in manifestation of "unlucky" events to occur. Due to the high level of concentration needed, it requires a lot of energy; thus, she needed to be careful of possible backfire due to lack of concentration from excessive use.

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Her Likes:

Sibling love Sibling Bond

Scarlet Witch is very emotionally attached to her twin, Quicksilver, after all that they have been through together.

Growing up together was what made both of them strong and dependent on each other for emotional support.

No doubt she enjoys the strong sibling bond that she currently have with Pietro.

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