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Code Name: Sel

Your Gender: Female

Country: New York, United States

Her Superpowers:
I am a powerful good witch, I am like the new avatar. That means I can control earth, air, fire, and water. I can make people at ease with just one stroke. I am like a nimph that gives inspiration to people who can make a difference. I have speed, agility, and am a great fighter. I can predict the future, but I can't control it. Psychics can't get into my mind, they have tried. Everytime I die, I am born again. Did I mention I am learning how to fly.

Her Role:
Undiscovered Mutant - I belong to an ancient group of Earth defenders that battle enemies of the human race. Right now off duty. I could be the most powerful mutant on Earth but I am a lover more than a fighter.
Tell us a bit about yourself:
I like my name as it's Selmary and so sel is short for that. I look like a native american beautiful girl, with a little Egyptian in her. Powerful eyes, and an inviting smile. My style, however, is like that of a gypsy. I want my character to resemble me.

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