Your Favourite Sexy X-men

So I guess you're interested to know who can fit into the category - sexy x-men. Such a subjective topic and each of them are sexy in their own special way. So who am I to judge who is sexy or not?

But this is my own website, so whoever I say is sexy is indeed sexy! I can see that you're fuming mad and bet you can't want to get out of here now, but wait � I am only messing around. Sad Face

So back to the topic, who should I choose? I personally think that Storm is very sexy. Firstly, I love it when the colour of her eyes changes when she is manipulating the weather.

And she also gets to wear a lot of costumes which I think really compliment her style and sense of fashion. But I remember reading the issue of Uncanny X-men 225 and I had a shock when I saw Storm - If I can find her Mohawk picture I will upload it ASAP!

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Then, she was having a Mohawk hairstyle which I thought really did not do her justice. I don't know if it was the "fashion" then, but it wasn't something I like - I guess every X-man has their bad hair days?

Otherwise, Storm looks fabulous most of the time. But these are all just my opinions and you may disagree.

If your favourite X-man is not considered "sexy" in here, please do not be upset. Instead, take some action and let me know why your X-man is sexy. Click here to view some cool pictures of Storm ...

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I think that Wolverine is the sexiest x-man ever! My reasons are that he is mysterious,cute, and of course very hot. Besides he was played by Hugh Jackman. …

Nightcrawler Followed By Gambit 
Nightcrawler is DEFINITELY at the top of my sexy list. It's mostly because in all reality, I prefer cute to hot, and the blue fuzziness just makes you …

Rogue is a type of woman i can see myself spending my life with shes strong willed gorgeous yet lonely, i like that even though she can"t touch she dose …

Psylocke Not rated yet
She is really the way, she's a ninja...oh my gosh, what a combination!!! she is easily the most sexy...Betsy rocks!!!

Deadpool Not rated yet
I figure he deserves a vote for the sake of pity.

Gambit! Not rated yet
He has to be the sexiest by far, his voice and French words in the 90 version was brilliant. But the guy who played real nice Remy in X-men Origins:Wolverine …

emma frost Not rated yet
oh yes baby

Kurt Wagner [Nightcrawler] Not rated yet
Something about him makes me weak in at the knees. The fact he's blue, drives me wild, or how he looks like a creature, more than a human. Maybe it's the …

GAMBIT!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
Enough said...

Nightcrawler Not rated yet
Nightcrawler is absolutely the most sexiest X-man in the entire history of the X-men. I particularly like the one from X2: X-men United. He is always in …

Psylocke and Emma Frost Not rated yet
Psylocke is very sexy to me,wait she is "REALLY SEXY", but Emma is sexier. Forget Rogue and Storm even though I loved Storm once before. I love Psylocke …

Rogue Not rated yet
In my opinion, Rogue is the perfect woman if she was my wife i would love her forever. She's a woman you can see yourself building a life with. She has …

Storm Not rated yet
Easily the sexiest black chick around! She has the coolest powers (in theory) too. Jungle fever FTW!! : P

storm  Not rated yet
she is the best and strong

Rogue Not rated yet
Her voice and body in the animated series is so hot!! Definitely the sexiest!

Gambit ofcourse! He made me a woman when I was a teenager :) Not rated yet

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