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My Review: Shadowcat X-men

Shadowcat X-men saving hostages Saving Lives

When she was first introduced to the X-men officially, I did not think that she will make much of an impact to the team.

I just could not see how her superpowers will even be useful. However, I have seen how her "phasing" superpowers have helped to save dozen of lives especially during hostage situations.

Only then was I able to see that she is indeed one of the important members of the X-men. I guess it's the smallest things that go unnoticed sometimes. But her contributions are not only the things I like about her.

I love her fun, bubbly, courageous and positive attitude towards life. She sacrificed her suburban comfort life to help fight in battles, which is not something a 13 year old girl should be doing.

I admire her courage to give up her life of comfort to help fight for her own and Prof. X's goal, which is to ensure peace between mutants and humans.

Even though, she was devastated by the loss of her greatest love, Colossus, she never did stop fighting for her dream.

She left the X-men for a period of time but came back to join them again to continue pursuing her dream. So let's raise a toast to Shadowcat of the X-men for returning back.

Did you know that her initial codename was "Sprite" before Shadowcat made it into the X-men. The first codename that Prof. X thought of giving her was "Ariel".

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Basic Profile:
Code Name: Shadowcat
Real Name: Katherine (Kitty) Pryde
Other Alias: Kitty, Kitten, Sprite, Ariel
First Appearance: X-men 129 - Jan 1980
Romance Partners:
  • Colossus - Lover
  • Peter Wisdom - Brief Relationship
  • Carmen Pryde - Deceased Father
  • Theresa "Terri" Pryde - Divorced mother
  • Samuel Prideman - Deceased grandfather
  • Ability to walk through solid objects
  • Walk on air
  • Able to disrupt electrical devices' inner workings
Team (Past & Current):
  • X-men - Current
  • New Mutants - Past
  • Excalibur - Past
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Brief History:

She was born in Deerfield, Illinois to Theresa and Carmen Pryde, leading a normal life. Shadowcat of the X-men only found out about her mutant powers when she was only 13 years old. Due to her high intellect level, she started attending college at such a young age.

Young Shadowcat of the X-men Young Member

One day she had a migraine and decided to take a rest in her bedroom. But she did not expect that her migraine was actually the first sign of her emerging mutant powers. When she woke up, she found herself lying on the floor of her living room, which is right below her bedroom.

Shadowcat X-men first sign of her mutant powers Powers!

During this period, Prof. Charles Xavier also known as Prof. X and Emma Frost were interested to enrol her into their school. She chose to join Prof. X as she did not have a good feeling/vibe about Emma Frost.

While her parents were discussing with Prof. X, his students and Kitty went out together.

Storm revealed to her who they really are and told Shadowcat that she is also actually a mutant. Not long later, the X-men were captured by Emma Frost's Mandroids and only Shadowcat of the X-men escaped.

She started following the Mandroids and found out where the X-men were captured. She managed to talk to Storm and a phone number was given to her so that she could contact the remaining X-men.

X-man Phoenix also known as Jean Grey saved her by using her superpowers to destroy the car chasing after her. She also used her telepathic powers to erase the memory of her father who was outraged by her disappearance.

Shadowcat X-men saved by Phoenix Saved!

After which, her parents gave her their permission to join Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

Soon, Shadowcat became the next X-men member. She had a short-lived relationship with X-man Colossus once. And her constant companion is Lockheed which is actually a small dragon-like creature, whom she had met when on another planet with the X-men.

She also maintained a tight relationship with Wolverine by treating him as her mentor. She also continued to have a strong friendship with Storm and Magik, who happens to be the younger sister of X-man Colossus.

When X-man Colossus sacrificed his life for the Legacy Virus, she was devastated and decided to take a break from the X-men. Today, she is a student at the University of Chicago.

With the persuasion of Cyclops and Emma Frost, she returned to the X-men. By chance, she found that Colossus was alive and rescued him. And they started dating again.

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She shares Prof. X's vision of achieving co-existence between mutants and humans. At such a young age, she probably did not know that it requires a lot of effort.

But despite the hard work, she continues to keep fighting for Prof. X's and her own dream. Even when Shadowcat is not with the X-men, she continues to fight for her dream: peace.

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Superpowers Limitations:

Shadowcat of the X-men has the ability to go through solid objects by passing her atoms between the spaces of solid matter also known as "phasing".

When under physical attack, she can change into her "phasing" state to allow attack objects to pass through her without getting herself hurt. However, she is still prone to mystical attacks. She can also disrupt electronic equipments when "phasing" through them.

Shadowcat X-men using her phasing mutant powers Superpowers

She can also only pass through many solid objects as long as she can hold her breath as she is unable to breathe during the "phasing" state.

As she grew more familiar with her mutant powers, she can now bring along other objects or another person when she is "phasing" through solid matter. The only requirement is that she must maintain physical contact with that person or object when "phasing".

Apart from her mutant powers, she is a genius in computer science, great dancer and possesses great knowledge of ninja combat. Being a great dancer has enabled her to be more agile in her movements and her ninja combat knowledge has made more mentally prepared for any kind of danger.

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Her Likes:

Shadowcat X-men using her phasing mutant powers Superpowers

When X-man Colossus passed away, she was devastated. He was the love of her life. I guess death is something that will come to all X-men eventually.

She also loves to spend time with her loyal companion, Lockheed. Not forgetting, some of her close friends such as Wolverine, Storm and Magik.

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Her Quotes From Various Issues:
Quotes: Issue:
"Peter!! Oh Wow! Oh, thank heavens! It's YOU!" Classic X-men 47 - May 1990 (Reprint of Uncanny X-Men 143)
"Lockheed you found me! You are the best X-dragon ever." Astonishing X-men 2 - Aug 2004
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