The Uncanny X men

by United Kingdom

According the fact and comic book,

X men first Class tell about the X men Past, especially the five original people are:

1. Cyclops
2. Jean Grey / Phoenix / Dark Phoenix
3. Angel
4. Beast
5. Ice Man

Apart from Above that, there is one character that doesn't make sense. She is Jean Grey / Phoenix / Dark Phoenix in X men First Class story just tells you about Jean Grey .

Why we are including Phoenix / Phoenix because the fact that too many people request about the Dark Phoenix for X men First Class. We will be happy if you want to accept it and we actually agree about that. Dark Phoenix is one of the most popular X men Characters and she is the most powerful mutant.

We want you to make this movie greater. We strongly believe you have a lot of ideas for the Dark Phoenix and the other X men Uncanny for the First Class 2012.

In X men First Class we need to do with X men Uncanny. Probably this story can be combination between X men First Class and X men Uncanny. It's very incredible. we are very happy about that. also this story must add about the Age of Apocalypse and Fox must decide to also include the more established characters.

Here They Are :

01. Selene / The Black Queen
02. Sebastian Shaw
03. Havoc
04. Sunspot
05. Emma Frost / The White Queen
06. Donald Pierce
07. Harry Leland
08. Banshee
09. Polaris
10. Onslaught
11. Magneto
12. Quicksilver
13. Scarlet Switch
14. Mystique
15. Avalanche
16. Sabretooth
17. Toad
18. Juggernaut
19. Blob
20. Pyro
21. Death Birth
22. Wolverine
23. Gambit
24. Bishop
25. Storm
26. Sunfire
27. Cable
28. Multiple Man
29. Elixir
30. Professor Charles Xavier
31. Colossus
32. Kitty Pryde / Shadow Cat

New Enemy

Omega Red
Master Mold / Sentinel A
Lady Deathstrike
Mr. Sinister

From those mentioned above, that is our dream for X men First Class. We need you to approve to our dream. and we strongly believe that this is also people's dream.

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