The X-men 94 - “The Doomsmith Scenario!”

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The X-men 94 Rating -- 3/5

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My Review:

I feel that the X-men 94 is still worth reading as it marks the official beginning for the new X-men, but also marks the ending for some of the old X-men. You probably have started to dislike or hate some of the arrogant and uncooperative �superheroes�.

Since the last issue (Giant-Size X-men 1), Sunfire has been number 1 on my dislike list.

No doubt, he is a faithful man to his country and does not wish to be a part of the X-men. I think I will like him better, if he stops talking -- jeez!

The second character who is also one of my least favourite is � Thunderbird. He tries too hard to prove his worth and had too many disputes with his team-mates. His lousy attitude definitely does not score with me!

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Brief Overview:

Sunfire and most of the original X-men members decided to leave. However, only Cyclops decides to stay as he feels that being an X-man is his life and his home.

The new mutants have officially become the new X-men in this issue of The X-men 94! The X-men are being sent on a mission to Mountain Valhalla to stop the evil-doings of Count Nefaria.

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More Juicy Details:

Wolverine annoyed at Ms. Marvel Sunfire decided to leave because he feels that he should use his superpower to help his own country and emperor. As for the original members of the X-men, they have grown up and wish to lead their own lives.

Wolverine was annoyed by Marvel Girl's explanation to why they (original members of X-men) decided to leave. Thunderbird and Cyclops had an argument when Thunderbird was burnt by the laser in the Danger Room.

Cyclops scolding Thunderbird Fight

Mountain Valhalla is the headquarters of the North American Air Defence Command (NORAD), the operational command of the most powerful machine was taken over by Count Nefaria�s and his men.

The X-men were called in on this mission to disarm the Doomsmith, which will fire missiles automatically if not stopped in time.

I shall not mention any more details because you should go and read it yourself!! Now, that�s better �

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Characters in this Issue:
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Story Titles:

Chapter 1 � The Doomsmith Scenario
Chapter 2 � Death o�er Valhalla High

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Double-Extra Details:
Comic Debut: Aug, 1975
Number of pages: 19
Writer(s): Chris Claremont & Len Wein
Penciler(s): Dave Cockrum
Inker(s) Bob Mcleod
Letterer(s): Tom Orzechowski
Colour Reconstruction Evelyn Stein
Art Reconstruction Phil Lord
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