The X-men 95 - “Warhunt!”

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The X-men 95 Rating -- 3.5/5

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My Review:

The X-men are starting to work well with each other but requires more work. All of them are still very unfamiliar with each other�s abilities and superpowers.

I felt that the battle between the X-men and the Ani-men was quite exciting.

The flow of the story is quite smooth, not too fast and the ending was quite unexpected �- I always love the unexpected!

However, I also felt that Marvel should display more on the abilities and superpowers of the new X-men. After all, we�re dying to know more!! Overall, the X-men 95 is worth your time and also a continuation of the story in the X-men 94.

An X-man is killed, for a moment I was actually in shock and maybe sad! I did not believe that Marvel could let a superhero die! To find out get this issue along with 496 more Uncanny issues all in one DVD - click here to find out more.

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Brief Overview:

The X-men found an entrance into Mountain Valhalla to take control of the U.S. Missile Arsenal, which was under Count Nefaria�s control. The X-men had a fierce battle with the Ani-men and defeated them.

Count Nefaria attempted to escape in an airplane, but he was stopped by one of an X-man and both were killed in the explosion.

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More Juicy Details:

The X-men are falling fast from the sky and within minutes they will be dead � unless something is done. Fortunately, everyone was safe but Cyclops had a close encounter with death � In the nick of time, he was rescued by Banshee (*phew*).

Shortly, Cyclops thought of a plan which required Nightcrawler to teleport into the Mountain Valhalla base.

A brief fight happened between Croaker from the Ani-men and Nightcrawler, but was defeated by the X-man. He then opened the entrance of Mountain Valhalla to let the remaining X-men in.

A surprise ambush on the X-men was executed. Firstly, poisonous gas was let out to weaken them. After that, they were attacked by a squad of hypnotized soldiers and the Ani-men.

A fierce battle took place and finally the X-men defeated Count Nefaria�s men, even though the odds were against them �- that happens often!

However, Banshee and Thunderbird were knocked out cold during the fight. Just for your information, Count Nefaria also appeared in the X-men 22 & 23.

Dying to know who died? A lot of things happened in the X-men 95, so go and read this issue � I do not wish to spoil it for you!

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Characters in this Issue:
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Story Titles:

Chapter 1 � Warhunt!

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Double-Extra Details:
Comic Debut: Oct, 1975
Number of pages: 19
Writer(s): Chris Claremont & Len Wein
Penciler(s): Dave Cockrum
Inker(s) Sam Grainger
Letterer(s): Karen Mantlo
Colour Reconstruction Evelyn Stein
Art Reconstruction Phil Lord
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