The X-men 96 - “Night of the Demon!”

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The X-men 96 Rating -- 3/5

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My Review:

In the issue of the X-men 96, you are able to have a sneak preview of project Armageddon. At the moment, I have no clue about what it is, but I do think it�s not going to be anything good � possibly another adventure?

You are also able to see how Cyclops lost control of his emotions, which seldom happens.

Even though, he is the leader of the X-men, he is just like any ordinary humans � except that he has superpowers. A romance between Banshee and Moira Mactaggert may happen? � So far it�s a one-sided thing �

Honestly, this issue is still worth reading, except that it did not get me hyped up like some issues that I�ve read before � -- I am one tough cookie to please! Shock Face

P.S. If you are interested to read the X-men 96 issue together with other 496 Uncanny X-men issues and do not mind reading it on your computer, I have a good recommendation. Click here to find out more ...

I can smell a romance when I see one � Actually, it�s pretty obvious that Banshee is at least a little bit interested in Moira Mactaggert (new housekeeper) � So keep a lookout for that!

Just to let you know that Kierrrok is the child of N�garai, a child of the elder gods and they�ve once ruled the earth before the humans.

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Brief Overview:

The X-men were attacked by Kierrok, child of N�garai and had difficulty trying to kill it.

While the X-men were busy with Kierrok, something big is about to take place and that is Project Armageddon. And Dr. Steve Lang was going to make sure that this project will take place at any cost.

Now, back to the fight between Kierrok and the X-men �

Wolverine�s adamantium claws hurt Kierrok and soon became unconscious. However, Kierrok could not be killed until the Cairn is destroyed. Prof. Charles Xavier guided Storm to the Cairn and destroyed it. Simultaneously, Kierrok was destroyed.

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More Juicy Details:

It has been weeks since the death of Thunderbird (issue - the X-men 95) but somehow the memory of his death still causes pain to Cyclops. He kept thinking that if he had acted differently, maybe Thunderbird need not have to die.

In the X-men 96 issue, Prof. Charles Xavier decides to take a short vacation and hired a housekeeper, Moira Mactaggert, to look after the X-men while he is gone.

Somewhere away from the X-men, Dr. Steve Lang and Colonel Michael Rossi are having an argument about Project Armageddon. Dr. Lang feels that the mutants are a threat to the human race but Colonel Rossi disagrees.

Project Armageddon can only be initiated with Colonel Rossi�s positive final report. Therefore, Dr. Lang had to make sure something is being done � guess?

The X-men were attacked by Kieroff. Wolverine�s claws managed to hurt Kierrok long enough to allow Prof. Charles Xavier to scan into its mind. As he probed deeper into Kierrok�s mind, he found out a way to destroy it but only to find himself being weakened greatly.

With Prof. Charles Xavier guidance, Storm managed to destroy the Cairn � interested to know more? Read the X-men 96 issue then � =)

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Characters in this Issue:
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Story Titles:

Chapter 1 � Night of the Demon!

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Double-Extra Details:
Comic Debut: Dec, 1975
Number of pages: 19
Writer(s): Chris Claremont & Mantlo
Penciler(s): Dave Cockrum
Inker(s) Sam Grainger
Letterer(s): David Hunt
Colour Reconstruction Evelyn Stein
Art Reconstruction Phil Lord
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