Best X-men Theme Party Supplies

Before I start talking about where you can get the BEST X-men theme party supplies, have you read my article on X-men Birthday Party Themes and Suggestions? If not, please click here. The reasons being that in there contain some great suggestions you can use.

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So I guess you are ready to purchase some party supplies for your X-men theme party? Below are some suggestions on how and where you can get some of them.

Most of the suggestions mentioned below, I am able to provide a source where you can get them but not everything.

I will try my best to keep looking for more theme party supplies for your X-men bash. Do you know where you can get cool and yet affordable party supplies? Come on and share it with everyone else! Click here to share

Party Supplies & More:

For your X-men theme party, you will definitely need matching X-men theme party supplies such as X-men paper plates, cups, blowouts (those that you can blow into and makes plenty of noise), napkins, masks, pi�atas and much more. You can include all of these items inside your party pack. Great party supplies are one of the essentials of organizing X-men birthday party themes.

X-men Masks X-men Blowouts X-men Pull String Pinatas

Blowouts are always used as an ice-breaker and help to create some noise to add to the atmosphere and these are commonly used during other parties too. You can ask your guests to use the blowouts when you start bringing out the cake and use them when the birthday song is being sung. What is a party without some noise right?

Bigger Budget
To make this party even better and if you have cash to spare, you could get personalized X-men t-shirts which you can give to your guests for them to wear.

Probably, each t-shirt printed with different X-men characters. You can use the t-shirts as a door-gift or part of a party pack for your guests. It is not necessary, but a great add-on because your guests will have something to bring home.

Tighter Budget
If you do not extra cash put the costs on your guests. What do I mean? Instead of buying or providing a costume for them, request that your guests be dressed in costumes.

After all, what are birthday party themes right? Ask them to come in their own customized and personalized X-men costume! The costume need not be an exact replica of the X-men characters just like the pictures below. You can also dress your dog up too!

Super Dog Super Buddies

With the costume settled, all they need is a good and cheap mask. Above I recommended getting some party masks, but get the X-men party masks after all it is a X-men theme party - Click here to know where to get your X-men party masks!

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