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Tress Profile Picture Code Name: Tress

Your Gender: Female

Country: United States

Her Superpowers:
I'm an Omega Level mutant, i can control everything and anything with my mind. I also have a metallic skeleton, healing factor, able to manipulate the elements, have laser eye-beams, able to phase through solid objects, able to teleport anywhere in the world, empathy, telepathy, able to charge inanimate objects, am �ber-smart, can create things out of thin air, fire wings that i'm able to control the temperature of, and lastly can seduce any person alive! (guy, girl or otherwise)

Her Role:
The final product of the Weapon X program, created out of all the X-men's genes and designed to obliterate them.
Tell us a bit about yourself:
The reason why i chose 'Tress as her codename, is because of one of her powers is seduction. her full codename is: Seductress. she is a spanish bombshell, she's 5' 5", has honey brown hair, hazel-green eyes, and has the perfect hour-glass figure (38-24-36) physically, she's what i wish i was. This is what my mutant would look like in the real world. She's incredibly beautiful and has smoky eyes and a killer body.

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