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Code Name: Triple X

Your Gender: Male

Country: United States

His Superpowers:
My super powers are the super powers of Cyclops and Wolverine and i have super speed.

His Role:
I am the leader of the young X-men including members like dragon Titanium spike ball sun shifter Eagle eye and me triple X and the new ghost rider (tech rider)
Tell us a bit about yourself:
My name is Triple X and here is my origin: I was born with super speed and i was found by the x-men when i was 4 years old the day i would actully join the team was today on my 10th birthday. I completed the test and joined my first mission a week later after i was assigned to go with Wolverine and Cyclops on a mission.

When we were ambushed by Magneto, who had a ray gun that would take the mutant powers of the person it hit. The superpowers would be passed to the person holding the ray gun. He shot at wolverine and he accquired Wolverine's powers.

However, the ray hit his claws and it was deflected to Cyclops in the eyes. The last thing i could remember was waking up in the mansion and they told methat i had the combined powers of Cyclops and Wolverine.

After this incident, it was decided that the X-men missions might not be so great for kids suitable. They then asked if i will be the leader of the newly made young X-men. This is what i have accomplished at just 12 years old.

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