The Uncanny X-men 428 - “How Did I Get Here?”

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The Uncanny X-men 428 Rating -- 3.5/5

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My Review

If you are a big fan or interested to know more about Mystique, then I suggest you read Uncanny X-men 428 issue. I know a lot about her but the only thing that I do not know about is her past.

And so in this issue you will learn a lot about her past, which was never revealed before.

I guess this is the issue when she started using the nickname "Mystique", but it is only my own conclusion.

You will also start to learn more about her personality. Like how she derives pleasure from other people�s misery. You will also see how she fell in and out of love with Azazel.

X-men Mystique kissing Azazel Kisses

There were rumours suggesting that Nightcrawler may the son of Mystique, well it is true because Nightcrawler appears as a baby in here.

However, I felt a little lost because the story switched scenes quickly and can become quite confusing. Therefore, I have to read over some parts of the story again before I know what is actually going on.

Otherwise, I think that the Uncanny X-men 428 issue is worth reading!

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There was a rumour that Mystique actually had relationship with both men and women, which also means that - she is bisexual. She also has more than one child and had many relationships, none of which are permanent.

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Brief Overview:

Baroness Raven Wagner commonly known as Mystique and Baron Christian Wagner discussed about his infertility and she assured him that this will not affect their relationship in anyway.

During a party, she was introduced to Azazel. They were immediately attracted to each other, even though they've just met.

Not long later, they had a sexual relationship and she was pregnant with his baby. She gave birth to a blue baby with sharp ears and a tail. Her baby was called the Child of Satan.

X-men Mystique gives birth to a blue baby Blue Baby!

Mystique was chased out of the castle and she became desperate. What did she do? Nope � Don�t try to coax me into telling you!Silly Face

To find out what happened next in the Uncanny X-men 428 issue, you can read more juicy details below. But don�t say I didn�t warn you of a possible spoiler.

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More Juicy Details:

The story in the Uncanny X-men 428 issue started off with the maid of Wagner family having a sexual relationship with a man. In actual fact, it was Baroness Raven Wagner also known as Mystique, who disguised herself as Katsche the maid to have an affair.

The real Katsche coincidentally met Mystique, when she had not fully transformed back to her identity as Baroness Raven Wagner. Mystique was so quick to change herself back, that the maid thought it was just her imagination.

As mentioned above in my brief overview above, Baron Christian Wagner told his wife that he was infertile. Later, she was introduced to Herr Azazel ruler of an island called as La Isla de Demonas.

They had such great chemistry together that they started going out with each other. During a horse-riding outing, he started complimenting her and mentioned that there was something �mystique� about her.

She ran to the church where she saw Azazel standing at the altar. At his request, Mystique revealed her true blue form. And they made love in the church.

X-men Mystique reveals her true form True Form

She was so thrilled at her new found relationship and so she told Azazel that she is pregnant with his child. However, Azazel was being cold towards her. And he told her to raise his child as Baron Wagner�s child.

X-men Mystique is pregnant with Nightcrawler Pregnant

Mystique was heartbroken as she really did loved Azazel. Soon he disappeared as fast as he came. When her stomach started getting bigger, Baron Wagner asked his wife to go for a paternity test to make sure that the baby in her stomach is his.

She killed Baron Wagner, dragged his body and buried him. After she gave birth to a blue baby, she was chased out of the castle. She was so desperate that she threw her child into the waterfall below.

So that more or less sums up what happens in the issue of Uncanny X-men 428!

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Characters in this Issue:
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Story Titles:

"How did I get here?" The Draco - Prelude

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Double-Extra Details:
Comic Debut: Oct, 2003
Number of pages: 26
Writer(s): Chuck Austen
Penciler(s): Sean Philips
Colorist(s): Dave McCaig
Letterer Virtual Calligraphy: Rus Wooton
Cover: Philip Tan
Assistant Editor: Warren Simons
Associate Editor: Mike Ralcht
Editor: Mike Marts
Editor in Chief: Joe Quesada
President: Bill Jemas
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