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Making Sure you Hear from Us!

Using Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Gmail, or Other Web-based Mail?

Check your Bulk, Junk or Spam folder (respectively). If you find an e-mail there from Just Marvel X-men, click to indicate that it is not bulk, junk or spam, which works for most web-based email sevices.

Click the Options link on the main menu tabs, then Safe List. Add our address to the Safe List.

Click Mail Options > Filters > Add Filter and add our address.

Using Microsoft Outlook, Eudora or Other Client-side E-mail Software?

You may not receive e-mail you want if it has been filtered out by your ISP before they deliver it to you. However, this may not be as easy to resolve as Web-based e-mail. But here is my recommendation ...

Log into your AOL/AIM Webmail Account and add to your Address Book (click the Add Address button to add to your "People I Know" list). Check AOL's help for additional details, if required. You could also indicate "not spam" in AOL's Webmail.

Other ISPs:
Some intentionally are impossible to reach. They don't want to argue. Either use their Web-based e-mail to indicate that the mail is from Just Marvel X-men is not spam or switch to free/premium email services of one of the few popular ones such as Gmail or Yahoo! Mail.

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