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My Review: William Stryker

William Stryker 2 Marvel Graphic

I would not say that he is the most formidable enemies of the X-men, but he was definitely a challenger to that title. He is a very intelligent man and has considerable influence to enable the growth of his secret crusade that gets funded which could support him into leading a modern day witch hunt.

His dedication and unwavering belief in his mission is something worth admiring about. And that is exactly what makes him even more dangerous and a force to be reckoned with if not treated seriously.

For someone without superpowers, the irony lies in the fact that he also wields a lot of power to gain enough support. No sacrifices are too great to achieve his goals as his actions are those needed to ensure the continued existence of mankind.

In summary, the fact that his son was a mutant dealt a big a blow to him and was sometime that he could not accept or live with.

Searching for a reason to live after the murder of his family, he turned to religion and the mutant witch hunt was exactly what kept him doing what he does.

Therefore, i personally feel that he needs someone or mutants in this case to be accountable for the death of his family as he would not have murdered them had he not have a son as a mutant.

Do you know that William Stryker was featured in 2 movies, X-men Origins: Wolverine and X-men 2 movie, acted by Brian Cox and Danny Huston respectively.

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Basic Profile:
Code Name: William Stryker
Real Name: William Stryker
Other Alias: -
First Appearance: Marvel Graphic Novel #5 - April 1982
Romance Partners:
  • Marcy Stryker - Deceased wife
  • Marcy Stryker - Deceased wife
  • Unnamed son - Deceased son
Superpowers: -
Team (Past & Current):
  • Purifiers (Stryker's Crusade)
  • U.S. Army Rangers
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Brief History:

William Stryker had a regular American family. He and his wife, Mercy, encountered a car accident that changed his life forever. Because of the car accident in the Nevada dessert, he had to personally deliver his child and that was when he witnessed that his child was abnormal. Unable to accept such abnormality, he murdered his son and his wife when she asked about their son.

William Stryker in shock In Shock

At the moment in time, he knew he had no way of covering up the cold-blooded murder of his family and attempted to kill his life. He loaded the bodies of his deceased family and dropped a lit match to the trail of leaking gas to blow up the vehicle. However, the explosion blew him away from the wreckage and he miraculously survived. Fortunately for him, the bodies of his murdered family were burned beyond recognition and the truth was buried.

Even though, no one else knew of his crime, he could not forget the incident and turned to alcohol to drown his sorrows. Not long later, he chanced upon a magazine that featured Professor Charles Xavier. Finally, he knew what his child abnormality was and that he was a mutant. Strangely, William turned to religion for comfort and became a reverend.

He also managed to establish the correlation that God was trying to send a message to him through his wife by showing him the plot of Satan, which was to create an army of mutants. He thought of himself to be a protector of the human race from Satan and almost as though he was "appointed" by God.

From that belief, he started his own crusade to take on this divine mission also known as the Stryker Crusade. For years, he started to build a large mass of supporters against the mutants and his main purpose was to eradicate the mutants.

William Stryker Crusade Crusade

Brainwashed Brainwashed

Over the years, he learned about the X-men from one of supported who is a senior ranking Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) about the Professor.

Charles Xavier and his X-men. From then onwards, he believed that Professor Charles Xavier was antichrist and should be eliminated as the mutant race could eventually lead to the destruction of the human race.

He ordered his troops to kidnap Professor Charles Xavier and brainwash him to use him as a weapon against his own kind. William Stryker used a machine to change the psionic sensitivity in combination with Professor X's abilities to detect mutants (active or latent) to destroy their minds.

Magneto, who allied with the X-men, managed to put a stop to William Stryker's evil plans and released Professor X before it was too late. He was later arrested and claimed that his actions was that of a religious persecution.

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William Stryker believes he is soldier of God and was assigned the task to protect the destruction of the human race, which would eventually be conquered by the mutants. The birth of his abnormal son was seen as a message from God to spur and encourage him into this divine mission that he has set himself on. His actions are all seen as a response to preventing the non-existence of the human race before it is too late.

William Stryker Mutant Damnation Damnation

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Superpowers Limitations:

William Stryker does not have any superpowers per se, but he has military training and knowledge. He can also be very persuasive and intelligent as he managed to recruit officials into his crusade to support his cause.

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His Likes:

Apart from trying to murder all mutants, his life basically revolves around his work. He gains joy by hearing if another mutant is captured or murdered. From my own knowledge, there isn't anything else that could describe what he may like.

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