Welcome to Wolfie's Danger Room!
Join her at her X-men Party!

Code Name: Wolfie

Your Gender: Female

Country: United States

Her Superpowers:
Shape shifting into any animal and combinations of animals. Shapeshifting into a werewolf. Controling and manipulating shadows and shadow teleporting. Being able to go to the "Shadow Realm". Hightened senses. A Healing factor (not as good as Wolverine or Sabertooth) only in Werewolf Form. Wolf ears instead of Human (literaly). Sharp Canines (similar to sabertooths). Wolf tail even when in human form like the ears.

Her Role:
Wanted mutant but also a team member of the X-men, and Wolverine's "aprentice" so to say.
Tell us a bit about yourself:
I chose the codename Wolfie because I am able to turn into any animal but usually just a Werewolf and I have the wolfen features. I was found by Wolverine and he took me into the X-men. He is my trainer in controling the Werewolf rage. I am short tempered and hyperactive. Love to run wild in the forests and I love to spend time with my friends on the team.

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