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It seems that there has been a huge appetite for our comic books to come alive on the big screen. And with the stunning success of the Wolverine 1 movie, I definitely saw a sequel coming! So if you have not heard, there would be a Wolverine sequel scheduled for release in year 2011. Production is said to start as early as January 2011, no director has been chosen yet. But when the movie would be officially screened, we have not heard any official word yet.

So the top two directors under consideration at the moment are: Matt Reeves and Tony Scott. Directors such as Gavin Hood and Bryan Singer (previous X-men directory) have both expressed interests. So till the fat lady sings, it could be anyone's guess on who would be appointed the director position.

So for all X-men and especially Wolverine fans, you must be thrilled. The story would be filmed in Japan and goes back to the roots of Wolverine which I personally felt that the first Wolverine movie failed to capture.

So this time, it would be focusing on a more samurai storyline (since it's in Japan) and we get to find out a bit more about him before he became X-men Wolverine. So let us keep our fingers crossed that the Wolverine sequel would stay true to the history as written in the comic books (I guess one too many comics to movies seem to deviate from the actual storyline to cater to the public).

Do expect changes from the plot summary above because there is still time to make changes along the way. I will try to update with the most current information when possible!

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New Villains

As the storyline for Wolverine 2 would be in Japan, I am a bit clueless on how they would be able to include Victor Creed, also known as Sabretooth, in the new movie.

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So it is quite possible that he would not be part of the upcoming Wolverine sequel. So for all Sabretooth fans, it looks like Victor might be taking a backseat in this one. Perhaps a Sabretooth spinoff movie like how Wolverine was a spinoff of the X-men movie. Until there is more substantial news about that, let us focus on the Wolverine 2 movie in this article.

So what other villains are all lined up for us in the sequel? Tentatively the movie would be touching on Silver Samurai, Omega Red (personal favourite!), Team X and others not yet revealed or confirmed.

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Movie Information

1. 20th Century Fox

1. Hugh Jackman - Logan/Wolverine

1. Christopher McQuarrie- Screenplay

1. Unknown Yet

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