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My Recommendation: Wolverine and the X-men Cartoon

If you are a fan of the X-men and enjoy watching cartoons, I would like to personally recommend you to start watching this cartoon series.

Wolverine and the X-men Cover

The plot of the various short story episodes (each episode is about 23-25 minutes) covers rather extensively about the background of each individual X-men character.

Watching this series, you will be able to get a quick glimpse of each X-men character's background especially if you do not have any initial knowledge about the X-men and their history. If you started out watching the X-men movies first (click here to view my X-men movie reviews) and had no prior background, it is no surprise you might start asking questions. But however, I would like to add a small disclaimer that each X-men series might vary slightly depending on when you read them (E.g. Uncanny X-men, Astonishing X-men, etc). Let's get started

I grew up watching the 1990s X-men cartoon (click here to read the article) and never truly found another X-men series that caught my attention for long. Once I started watching this, I was hooked immediately and it brought back many fond memories of my younger days.

A shame that there is only one season to this cartoon series, but hopefully there will be more such great X-men cartoons to watch!

Previously, I had written an article on sources where you can watch X-men cartoons for free - click here for more information. Don't forget to view the article on 1990s X-men cartoon article as well - click here for more information.

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Short Video Clips:

Below are a few Wolverine and the X-men Cartoon trailers that i have managed to find. Enjoy!

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Where Can i Watch?:

If you still can't find what you are looking for, another great source would be to catch it on Netflix which is where I came across this cartoon series. I am not promoting Netflix, but occasionally you will be able to find pretty old school superheroes X-men cartoon series worth watching.

Do watch the Wolverine and the X-men cartoon and enjoy!

More details about the background, cast and episodes can be found here in Wikipedia – click here to read about it.

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