Wolverine claws

by Sean Anderson

Wolverine has not got the power of adamantium skeleton that was given to him by the weapon x program but the claws where originally just bone witch you see in the movie x men origins wolverine were his bone claws come out and he is related to sabertooth (in some comics sabretooth is his dad in some sabretooth is his brother).

Also in some comics wolverine has a fling with mystic and in some after the Phoenix dies Jean comes back (and after scott is dead)and wolverine and Jean get together.

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Aug 24, 2010
Conflicting Histories Across Comics?
by: Valerie

Depending on the different comic spin-offs, there might be some variation in the history of Wolverine. So unless we are specifically stating what issue we are talking about, it's hard to exactly write an accurate biography of Wolverine. So here is just a general writeup about Wolverine.

But nicely noted!

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