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Have you caught the new X-men 3 movie? Well, personally I thought the ending was quite shocking, but I’m not here to review the movie – not yet at least. Right now, all I want to do is to let you see some of the X-men 3 pictures!

I will try my best to scout around for more pictures, but I think the pictures that you are about to see will be able to satisfy your appetite.

So sit back and enjoy some really good pictures of X-men characters such as Wolverine, Archangel, Storm, Jean Grey, Shadowcat, Callisto, Pyro, Iceman, Rogue, Prof. X, Mystique, Colossus, Cyclops, Magneto and many more.

You can use the links below to navigate through the page. I also included snapshots of some scenes of the X-men 3 movie. So if you’ve not seen it and do not wish to ruin it for yourself, then do not click on “X-men Spoilers” link below.

X-men Posters
X-men Characters
X-men Spoilers

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I would like to thank xmenfilms.net for allowing me to use some of the images in their gallery! I have also done a review on the X-men 3 movie - Click here to view the X-men 3 review... Do remember to keep up-to-date on the X-men by subscribing to our free newsletter and receive a FREE X-men Characters E-book - click here to subscribe

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X-men Posters

X-men 3 Poster 1 X-men 3 Poster 2 X-men 3 Poster 2  

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X-men Characters

X-men 3 Archangel Pic 1 X-men 3 Archangel Pic 2 X-men 3 Archangel Pic 3 X-men 3 Archangel Pic 4
X-men 3 Beast Pic 1 X-men 3 Beast Pic 2 X-men 3 Beast Pic 3 X-men 3 Callisto Pic 1
X-men 3 Colossus Pic 1 X-men 3 Cyclops Pic 1 X-men 3 Cyclops Pic 2 X-men 3 Iceman Pic 1
X-men 3 Jean Grey Pic 1 X-men 3 Jean Grey Pic 2 X-men 3 Juggernaut Pic 1 X-men 3 Magneto Pic 1
X-men 3 Magneto Pic 2 X-men 3 Mystique Pic 1 X-men 3 Mystique Pic 2 X-men 3 Prof X. Pic 1
X-men 3 Prof X. Pic 2 X-men 3 Pyro Pic 1 X-men 3 Rogue Pic 1 X-men 3 Rogue Pic 2
X-men 3 Shadowcat Pic 1 X-men 3 Shadowcat Pic 2 X-men 3 Storm Pic 1 X-men 3 Storm Pic 2
X-men 3 Storm Pic 3 X-men 3 Storm Pic 4 X-men 3 Wolverine Pic 1 X-men 3 Wolverine Pic 2
X-men 3 Wolverine Pic 3 X-men 3 Wolverine Pic 4 X-men 3 Wolverine Pic 5  

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X-men Spoilers

X-men 3 Frustrated Cyclops X-men 3 Cyclops and Jean Grey X-men 3 Iceman & Pyro Battle X-men 3 Iceman & Rogue Kissing
X-men 3 Iceman & Shadowcat X-men 3 Jean Grey is Alive X-men 3 Magneto Transforms X-men 3 Mystique Kills
X-men 3 Pyro Using His Powers X-men 3 Pyro talking to another mutant X-men 3 Storm Fights Callisto X-men 3 Storm summoning her powers
X-men 3 Storm & Wolverine X-men 3 Iceman & Shadowcat X-men 3 Danger Room Simulation  

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