X-men 3 Reviews

So what did I think about it? Overall, I thought that the 3rd instalment of the X-men was quite good (I never give full marks for my rating because I'm one tough cookie to please Tough Cookie).

I am a big X-men fan and I admit that I have high expectations of the movie, maybe higher than normal. But I have been following the X-men since I was a kid (except for a period of time, till now I don't know why), so to have high expectations is nothing out of the ordinary.

Before that, I was so tempted to read movie critics' X-men 3 reviews. Ultimately, I decided not to because I wanted to judge it for myself. After I watched the movie, I read other X-men 3 reviews from movie critics and X-fans like myself. Some may not agree with me but everyone has their own opinions right?

Anyway, I felt that the graphic and audio effects of the movie were quite good. They have included more characters such as Angel (also known as Archangel), Juggernaut, Callisto, Beast, etc. And of course characters from the 1st and 2nd instalments were starred in this movie as well such as Cyclops, Jean Grey, Mystique, Rogue, Storm, Wolverine, etc.

X-men Angel motionless It is good to see so many X-men characters getting a piece of the pie but some characters happen to steal the limelight. But hey, even X-men have to compete for movie air-time. Haha …

And of course, they needed to end the movie with a big "bang" (since it is said to be the last X-men movie) by having an explosive conclusion.

One of the things that I didn't like about the movie was the poor character development. What do I mean? Other characters such as Colossus, Callisto, etc, were not given a chance to connect with audiences such as myself. Other than that, it is one movie that I will recommend you to watch.

Just a small hint, expect the unexpected! If you are a big fan of the X-men 3 movie (or i managed to convert you), then you can consider collecting some of the great X-men 3 action figures including characters such as Wolverine, Rogue, etc.

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Brief Overview:

A cure that would be able to suppress the X-gene has been developed by a pharmaceutical company. The X-gene is also known to give mutants their powers, which makes them different from normal human beings. Now the cure is offered to mutants who're interested to rid themselves of their "deformity" as some might call it.

As the movie progresses, you may get confused but the story just keeps getting better. The plot thickens and so many turn of unexpected events will happen. Do read my X-men 3 reviews just above as I give you an insight of what I thought about the movie.

So who will take the cure? Will mutants succumb to the advanced development of medical science? These questions will mostly be answered by the end of the X-men 3 movie.

*Be warned of potential spoiler(s) below, which also means that do not blame me for revealing details of X-men 3 movie. Tough Cookie

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More Juicy Details:

So you're greedy eh? My X-men 3 reviews and brief overview is not enough to satisfy your hunger? I think by the time you read finish this entire page, you should know more or less what to expect. I won't reveal exactly everything because I do want you to watch the movie yourself. So here goes nothing …

Like I mentioned in my brief overview above, a pharmaceutical company has developed the cure. Magneto is starting to recruit mutants to destroy the cure because he believes that the cure will be used to get rid of all mutants.

X-men 3 Cyclops and Jean GreyCyclops who is still devastated over the lost of Jean Grey (his girlfriend) decides to go back to the place where he lost her. To his surprise, he saw Jean and they kissed.

Not long later, there was a visible change in Jean and Cyclops is dead. And it sure looks like Jean killed him. After which, she returns back to her home.

After investigation of the disappearance of Cyclops, Prof. X explains that when Jean sacrificed herself she also unleashed a hidden power. Basically, this power is another alternate personality of Jean also known as the "Phoenix", which she had unleashed unknowingly and proved to be even more powerful than Prof. X.

Now that Prof. X and Magneto are aware of Jean's new found powers, they decided to approach her to get her on their team. While Prof. X was trying to persuade her, she got angry and destroyed her house with her powers.

So great was the power that she even killed Prof. X by disintegrating him. Surprisingly, she left with Magneto. She is no longer the Jean Grey you and I once knew, she is now the Phoenix.

The X-men were devastated with the loss of Prof. X but still they stuck together and decided to stop Magneto from attacking the pharmaceutical company. During the big and exciting showdown, Beast was able to inject the cure into Magneto causing him to lose his mutant powers.

X-men 3 Iceman & Pyro BattleA movie would not be complete without catfights between characters right? Like what I've mentioned in my X-men 3 reviews above.

Storm was busy with Callisto and Iceman had his hands full with Pyro, which I think is one of the few highlights. Who doesn't love a catfight, I mean two catfights? What more can you ask for?

X-men 3 Iceman & Rogue KissingOh yes, love and romance is important too! Rest assured that this movie is not lacking of any. Love troubles between Iceman and Rogue, Wolverine's unrequited love for Jean, etc.

When the Phoenix was starting to destroy everything, the Jean Grey inside managed to take control for a while.

She begs Wolverine to save her. Therefore, he killed her by piercing through her stomach with his adamantium claws. And before she died he said he loves her.

My advice is DO NOT leave the cinema early because there're more after the movie credits. Unfortunately, I left the cinema too early! But I will be buying the DVD that should be coming out on 2nd October 2006. So when I do get it, I will definitely be watching what I missed out!

Based on my own observation, a lot of X-men 3 reviews done by movie critics did not think too much of the movie. But a lot of X-fans (like me) mostly gave it thumbs up! Lastly, hope you enjoyed reading my X-men 3 reviews!

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Main Characters in X-men 3:
X-man Codename Played by Actor/Actress
  1. Angel (Archangel)
  2. Beast
  3. Callisto
  4. Colossus
  5. Cyclops
  6. Iceman
  7. Jean Grey
  8. Juggernaut
  9. Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat)
  10. Magneto
  11. Multiple Man
  12. Mystique
  13. Professor Charles Xavier (Prof. X)
  14. Pyro
  15. Rogue
  16. Storm
  17. Wolverine
  1. Mike Vogel
  2. Kelsey Grammer
  3. Dania Ramirez
  4. Daniel Cudmore
  5. James Marsden
  6. Shawn Ashmore
  7. Famke Jansse
  8. Vinnie Jones
  9. Ellen Page>
  10. Ian McKellen
  11. Eric Dane
  12. Rebecca Romij
  13. Patrick Stewart
  14. Aaron Stanford
  15. Anna Paquin
  16. Halle Berry
  17. Hugh Jackman
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