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I know that doing this article on X-men 3 trailers now is sort of overdue, considering that I am only doing this after the third X-men movie had been aired for quite sometime now.

But � what I would like to stress about is that many people still have not watched it yet! Maybe it is just my friends; nonetheless, that is pretty surprising especially since X-men were such a big hit with everyone (at least almost).

Therefore, that has spurred me to start sharing some of trailers I have found related to the 3rd X-men movie.

Hopefully, the short videos will be able to give those who have not watched it yet an opportunity to find out what to expect from the movie.

Even though, I personally still think that reading the comics is much better than the movie itself, as the story is slightly modified to gain popularity for the masses (at least to me).

X-men 3 Trailers to Share?

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Anyway, do not forget to read my X-men 3 review and view on the many X-men 3 pictures that I have as well. So enjoy the trailers below - click here to view them now!

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X-men 3 Movie Review
X-men 3 Picture Gallery

Are you still unable to decide which X-men comic series should you read? Well, it is best that you understand more about them first and I have just the information you need - Click here to read more about X-men comic books!


This trailer contains some scenes from the first two X-men movies as well as the latest movie as well and it happens to be one of my favourite.

This gives a very good overall preview of what to expect from the X-men 3 movie as you are able to see bits and pieces of the scenes.

Here is the X-men Battling Scene with some great background music to help create the tempo.

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With enough videos, a competition will be held and a winner will be decided based on the most votes. So do it now!

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