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Diving straight into starting your own X-men action figures collection is one of the many natural steps for X-men fanatics. I am sure you have seen the many different kinds of action figures of the X-men up for sale in hobby shops and much more.

So the golden question is which should you buy? Well, I am sure after reading this article you will have a better clue on what kind you should buy as I will give you a brief introduction into the world of collecting X-men action figures.

So I shall not keep you waiting any longer and start right away!

X-Men Kotobukyia Wolverine X-men Wolverine Head Bust

As I have mentioned above, there are so many out there in the market. But it partly depends on why you are collecting them?

Well, one of your answers could be because you are crazy about the X-men.

But what I am trying to ask is do you just keep them as a hobby or do you expect any monetary returns? Or you might like to do both?

Looking to make a profit
Interested to collect them only
Collect and make a profit off them

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Looking to make a profit

If you are expecting to earn profits only, then I would highly recommend the limited edition models (as indicated on the packaging) and also X-men characters which are more popular. Why? Because there will be more potential buyers to purchase your collection from you. However, I am not implying that you cannot buy those that are not labelled limited edition.

Of course, you can buy other characters as well. But based on my experience, I think that X-men characters that are more popular tend to sell for a higher price too.

And they must be nicely kept in their original packaging as well.

Most important tip is NOT to open the box in any case; otherwise, the value of your investment would drop significantly!

You might also have chanced upon those action figures that comes together with a Certificate of Authenticity or is being autographed by someone famous. Well, that is a keeper!

Usually the X-men action figures that come with a Certificate of Authenticity could also mean that the there is a limited number of them in the market, which makes it even more collectable.

And you will be seeing profits soaring up high especially if the demand are high.

You might think that this is a common knowledge (which is true), but many people do forget and one of them happened to be my older brother who was collecting Batman action figures at that time.

That Batman action figure would be worth quite a lot if he did not open the box. So that was a pretty expensive lesson that I would like to save you from.

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Interested to collect them only

If you are looking to collect X-men action figures as a hobby, then you have all the purchasing power. However, I would recommend getting those that are not limited edition pieces or those not accompanied with Certificate of Authenticity. It is simply because their higher prices are targeted towards collectors who treat them as a form of future investment.

Marvel Legends Ultimate Wolverine 1 Ultimate Wolverine #1

Whenever you are feeling richer, you can go ahead and purchase any of the more costly action figures! Honestly, I am not a big fan of most of the action figures that you see in the toy shops.

But since it is a hobby, I suggest getting pieces that are unique and different. Well, that is what I look for anyway since I am not in it for the money.

For example, I find Marvel Legends Ultimate Wolverine really cute and will look great for display.

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Collect and make a profit off them

If you are in this situation, you need to seriously ask yourself, which has a higher priority? I am sure you are torn apart between the money and following your heart's desires. After all, it is a tough decision to make.

So let me suggest that you make a compromise. An example would be that you buy action figures that are labelled limited edition or those accompanied with Certificate of Authenticity. But you can choose whichever X-men character you wish to get! Forget about the popularity contest and just go for your favourite character.

You can use the above suggestion as a reference and work around it. Whichever way works for you. Bottom line is that you are happy!

Cheers cheers

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So to brag or be bragged at is absolutely up to you!

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