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I love him! I think he is one of best looking male X-man! *wolf whistle* I managed to get some great pictures of him from my collection of comics and hope to find more so that I could share them with you.

I think the World Cup 2006 has made me a much lazier person because I follow most of the matches. And this causes me to sleep late at night (I live in Asia, therefore it explains the time difference and everything else) and wake up late.

Thankfully, I am having my school holidays as I am typing this now and so I am still able to upkeep this kind of lifestyle – but not for long, cause my holidays are about to end!

Recently, I have also created a picture gallery for the X-men 3 movie and in there have some great pictures of him – Click here to view X-men 3 movie pictures

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Some pictures were scanned from my old collection of X-men comic books, which explains the slightly yellowish images. And Archangel was played by Ben Foster in the X-men 3 movie: The Last Stand.

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X-men Archangel Side Profile X-men Archangel Flying Marvel Encyclopedia X-men Archangel X-men Archangel Upset
X-men Archangel Looking Away X-men Archangel Expressionless Face X-men Archangel Taking Off Dark X-men Archangel
Uncanny X-men Archangel in action Uncanny X-men Archangel under attack X-men Archangel Face Expression X-men Archangel in battle
Uncanny X-men Archangel front profile Uncanny X-men Archangel flying X-men Archangel Side profile X-men Archangel flying
Uncanny X-men Archangel Uncanny X-men Archangel smiling X-men Archangel surprised  

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