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My Review: X-men Archangel

I personally like Archangel because of his spontaneous character, self-confidence, his level of optimism and his way with women. When the situation is very tense, he tries to lighten everyone up with his jokes.

X-men Archangel feelings about Jean Grey Archangel & Jean

He makes a good date because of his self-confidence and how he carries himself. He definitely knows how to have a good time and always make his dates feel pretty comfortable.

As compared to the other X-man, you will realize he is more of a womanizer. He has dated many beautiful women, some were serious and some were just for fun.

But I believe that when he finds the “one”, he will settle down and be a very good husband or even father.

He is always willing to use his own money to fund crime-fighting organizations (such as the Champions), to make it a safer place for all.

He has also gone through his share of ups and downs in his life. The lowest point in his life was when his wings were amputated.

That really turned his life around and so I was understand why he accepted Apocalypse’s offer to return him back his wings – Click here to read his brief history.

Everyone makes mistakes and he is no exception, even if he is an X-man. I guess that applies to us in real life too, doesn’t it? =)

X-men Archangel is one of the initial members of the X-men and he was acted by Ben Foster in X-men Movie 3. He happens to be a very charming man that scores with the ladies! =)

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Basic Profile:
Code Name: Archangel
Real Name: Warren Worthington III
Other Alias: Angel II, Death II, Avenging Angel
First Appearance: X-men 1 - Sep 1963
Romance Partners:
  • Jean Grey - One-sided love
  • Candy Southern - Ex-girlfriend
  • Psylocke - Ex-girlfriend
  • Husk
  • Katherine Worthington – Mother (Deceased)
  • Warren Kenneth Worthington JR. – Father (Deceased)
  • Warren Kenneth – Grandfather (Deceased)
  • Burtram Worthington (Dazzler) – Uncle (Deceased)
  • Flight ability
  • Fast healing factor to those who also comes in contact with his blood
Team (Past & Current):
  • X-men - Current
  • Horsemen of Apocalypse – Past
  • Champions - Past
  • X-factor - Past
  • Hellfire Club – Hereditary membership
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Brief History:

X-men Archangel came from a very privileged and rich family. He was enrolled into a prestigious boarding school in the East Coast. Then, he started having wings growing on his back. Afraid to let his friends find out for fear that they’ll outcast him.

X-men Archangel attempt to save Sprite Archangel saves Sprite

The sudden ability to fly scared him greatly but it is also what makes him feel excited.

There was a fire in his dormitory once, X-men Archangel disguised himself with a blond wig and nightshirt as he helped the students trapped in the fire.

Nobody ever knew that it was actually he who had helped them.

This life-changing experience made him become the crime-fighter known as the Avenging Angel, where he fights crimes in New York City.

His efforts as a crime-fighter got the attention of Professor Charles Xavier (Prof. X) and he was invited to join the X-men.

After being rescued from Krakoa, he decided to leave the X-men. Click here to read the review of the issue where he was rescued.

When his parents passed away, he inherited a lot of money and started funding the Los Angeles-based organization called the Champions. As his parents are no longer alive, he feels no need to hide his identity.

X-men Archangel introduces Candy Southern Archangel & Candy

The Champions did not work out. Therefore, he decided to devote his time to family business and renew his relationship with Candy Southern. He also briefly returned back to the X-men.

During the assassination of the Morlocks by the Marauders in New York City also known as the Mutant Massacre, X-men Archangel helped to battle the attack.

The Marauder Harpoon pushed a sharp object (most likely a spear) into Warren’s wings, causing it to be amputated.

Devastated with the loss of his wings and his break-up with Candy Southern, he wanted to commit suicide by crashing his plane. However, just before the explosion he was teleported to safety by Apocalypse the immortal mutant.

Apocalypse offered X-men Archangel back his wings on one condition. He must become one of Apocalypse’s horsemen and he was given the title Death.

Due to desperation and confusion, he agreed and went through a very painful genetic re-engineering for a pair of sharp metal wings.

Fortunately, the partnership between Apocalypse and himself did not last for long. Warren returned to the X-men, where his wings were regenerated and once again regained its feathery appearance. The reason behind this mystery change of his wings is still unknown.

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Like every other X-man, X-men Archangel believes he can make a difference. Before he was invited to become an X-man, he was already out fighting crimes as Avenging Angel.

Even though, he was born into a rich family that didn’t stop him from helping others. Given such great powers, he feels that he should help others who are in need, mutant or human.

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Superpowers Limitations:

His wings are strong enough to carry 500 pounds of weight excluding his own weight. His eyes are also able to withstand very high-speed winds, which normally causes damage to the average human eyes.

He is also able to fly at a speed of 150 miles per hour and fly non-stop for half a day. He is also able to help heal others but mixing his blood with others due to his accelerated healing factor – considering that they’ve the same blood type.

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His Likes:

I know he loves to fly as it gets him excited and helps to cheer him up when he is down. He also enjoys having fun and love to date beautiful women. He is also known as a playboy at times but there are a few women in his life that made an impact.

He likes using his money for a good cause. He has supported many crime-fighting mutant organizations such as the Champions (even though it did not work out).

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His Quotes From Various Issues:
Quotes: Issue:
"My Wings! My ARM!" Classic X-men 50 - Aug 1990 (Reprint of Uncanny X-Men 146)
"HANG LOOSE KID! ANGEL WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU!" The Uncanny X-men 141 - Aug 1981
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