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My Review: X-men Beast

Beast from the X-men is the most intellectual and brainiest mutant of the whole X-men! He is blessed with both brawns and brains. However, there is a catch. He has blue fur, big hands and feet and looks similar to a big ape (I guess Stan Lee is fair, right?).

Astonishing X-men Beast Astonishing X-men

Although, Beast may not be my favourite character out of the whole cast of the X-men, but I still do like him.

He is a true gentleman, sincere, friendly and someone who you can definitely trust. I love the fact that he is truly a versatile team player!

He could be either the brains behind an operation or participate in the operation himself. Either way works for him! And I think very few X-man are able to do this.

Sometimes, I feel so sad for him because a lot of people tend to judge him based on his appearance.

He had ex-girlfriends who decided not to see the real him, but the Beast outside.

Sometimes, I find it so ironic how the most gentle and civilized man could turn out to look like a big gorilla?

Something to think about I guess �Confused Face

It came as a shock to me that it was actually Kelsey Grammer (acted in Frasier, Cheers, etc) who was cast as X-men Beast in the 3rd X-men movie! The make-up team sure did a good job because I could not even recognize him.

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Basic Profile:
Code Name: Beast
Real Name: Dr. Henry Philip Hank McCoy
Other Alias: Hank
First Appearance: Uncanny X-men #1 - Sep 1963
Romance Partners:
  • Belladonna - Ex-wife
  • Trish Tilby - Ex-girlfriend
  • Norton McCoy - Father
  • Edna McCoy- Mother
  • Robert - Uncle
  • Sadie McCoy - Grandmother
  • Bob McCoy - Great Uncle
  • Superhuman speed, strength and agility
  • Exceptionally high intelligence level
  • Accelerated healing abilities
  • Ability to think quickly and effectively
Team (Past & Current):
  • X-men - Current
  • Avengers - Past
  • Defenders - Past
  • X-Factor I - Past
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Brief History:

Henry McCoy commonly known as X-men Beast was born to Norton and Edna McCoy in Dunfee, Illinois.

He had bigger feet and hands than normal infants because his father was exposed to radiation in the nuclear plant that he was working at.

He was often shunned by the kids in school because of his "abnormal" appearance. Therefore, he always kept to himself until he started tutoring Jennifer Nyles in biology and began to know the real Henry McCoy.

On the night of the junior prom, she insisted Henry to take her. Even though, everyone was jeering and pointing fingers Jennifer shooed them off. And ever since, they became best friends who might be very well in love.

After high school, Jennifer and he went their separate ways. Due to the radiation, he was gifted with superhuman agility, strength and speed. Soon, he became the star of his football team. Once, his mutant abilities were exposed and he was asked to leave the school.

Uncanny X-men Annual Beast Uncanny X-men

Professor Charles Xavier (Prof. X) invited him to join his School for Gifted Youngsters, where he will be able to learn and make better use of his mutant abilities.

Then he became officially known as X-men Beast as that was his childhood name.

And he helped to prevent Magneto from succeeding in exterminating mankind.

After he completed his doctorate studies, he decided to explore life outside of the X-men and take a job he had applied to Brand Corporation.

He developed a serum that will be able to activate hidden mutations present. After drinking the serum, he went through a great change in appearance.

The chemical formula did enhance his superhuman abilities, but it also has side effects. He started growing blue fur and his canine teeth grew larger, which has altered his life forever.

Initially, he could not accept his new appearance, but eventually grew to accept himself. After which, he left Brand Corporation to join superhuman groups such as Avengers, Defenders, X-Factor and so on. Eventually, he returned back to the X-men and continues to fight towards their goal.

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X-men Beast believes strongly in science and how it is able to change the lives of many. Just like how his life was changed when he took the serum he developed into what he looks like now - click here to read his brief history above.

However, he uses both his brains and brawns to fight towards the goal of the X-men.

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Superpowers Limitations:

X-men Beast has superhuman speed, agility, strength and the ability to act quickly and efficiently. He is able to lift an estimated 2,000 pounds and his limbs are able to make leaps as far as 14 feet. He uses his claws and his fingers to climb any vertical surfaces such as buildings, brick walls and so on.

Uncanny X-men Beast doing gymnast Agile Beast

In all, he has the abilities of a great ape equipped with knowledge and brains of a genius.

He could also walk on his hands for hours and able to do a series of moves such as back-flip, rolls, and so on.

He also has excellent stamina, which no professional athlete is his match. Not forgetting that he is able to recover from wounds twice faster than his normal human counterparts.

Apart from that, he possessed a brilliant intellect, which is no surprise why he was the one who came up with the cure for the Legacy virus.

He is also well-versed in languages such as German, English, Latin, Spanish, Russian and so on.

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His Likes:

X-men Beast has an insatiable/hungry passion and thirst for knowledge especially in the fields of biochemistry and genetics. And he is also a well-versed man, who is also very interested in arts, history and so on.

He loves to do experiments and read a lot of books. If you do not know this try to look out because he is often seen holding a book, reading newspaper or conducting own experiments in his lab.

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