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Why I still love the 1990s X-men Cartoon Show
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Some bad comments others said
Some reasons to counter the bad comments

Why I still love the 1990s X-men Cartoon Show:

I decided to start an article about my favourite X-men Cartoon programme! Why? Because I think it is fantastic and because of this show I became interested in the X-men. Yes, I agree that the animation is not as good as X-men Evolution. But considering the technology then, I think it is a very good production!

As a saying goes, "do not judge a book by its cover"; and so I strongly advice you to watch the 1990s X-men cartoon show, despite the slightly (okay I am lying) poorer graphic quality.

I have watched a few episodes of X-men Evolution, but I still prefer the 1990s version. Okay, I admit I am a little biased against X-men Evolution because it is up against my all-time favourite cartoon show in the world - Can you feel my burning passion? Haha �

However, I am not indicating that X-men Evolution is terrible or not up to standard; I am really old school and so it is harder to persuade me to like something else. But since I love the X-men so much (I started this website right?) I promise you to start watching X-men Evolution and try to appreciate it more.

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Short Video Clips:

I have included a few hilarious videos that I've found that are an impersonation of the 1990s X-men cartoon show. At least somewhat similar I guess! Haha � Have a good laugh! I will try my best to search for more funny clips to add to this page.

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Some bad comments others said:

I participate in a few X-men forums and we did have a discussion regarding X-men cartoon shows. Some disagreed that the X-men cartoon show in the 1990s was good. Their reasons are that the script was too cheesy (in other words, lame) and animation is bad.

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Some reasons to counter the bad comments:

And so in my defence I strongly mentioned that no doubt the script was not the best, but there was something about that show which really captivated viewers (like me). Just like how well the character and plot development was done.

Firstly, the range of characters cast was sufficient and there were no characters that were left unknown.

Each character has the opportunity to share their background, level of superpowers and so on, which I think allows you to relate to the cartoon.

Secondly, with each next episode the plot thickens and something unexpected will happen.

I am sure you will be able to predict some of the endings, but I think the script writers have done well to keep audiences like you and me to continue guessing the ending.

Lastly, every time the show ends; I am just dying to watch the next episode to find out what happens next. Any cartoon programmes or even movies that can create such excitement, emotional feelings and so on, to me are considered as a successful production.

You know best! You will know something is good because it is good; no reasons are needed. And at that instance, I fell in love with the X-men! I sound like I am talking about the love of my life? Wait � It is one of the loves of my life for sure!

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