X-men Characters

So you wish to know more about the X-men characters? It is good to start reading about them first before actually watching the X-men movies or X-men comics. Get to know more about their superpowers, their personality, profile, etc.

Once you know more about them, you will be able to understand better why and how they react to certain issues. Imagine yourself in their shoes and see if you would have reacted similarly or differently? You will realize that you are now able to relate to them better.

Each super villain or superhero in the X-men is unique and very different from each other. They have different beliefs/ideals, special abilities and that is what sets them apart from each other.

However, I do not think it is necessary for you to like all of them because I don't!

And because of the many different X-men series, you might find different versions of their history.

But generally it is about the same except for a few details here and there.

I will try my best to let you know the most general knowledge about them that is applicable to most X-men series. It can also be quite difficult to keep up with all the new characters of the X-men.

A lot have appeared ever since the first issue of the X-men.

I have difficulty too!

Astonishing X-men Line-up Astonishing X-men

As long as time permits me, I will try to keep adding more information about each character -- *keeping my fingers crossed*

I hope you will find the information about the X-men cast members useful and enjoy my analysis about them.

I only include details that I feel that you may be interested to read about and not forgetting my own personal review about them.

As I am my own website's X-men critic, I just wanted to give you my two cents worth!Happy Face

X-men Characters:
Code Name: Real Name: Updated on:
Emma Frost
Lady Deathstrike
Marvel Girl
Professor X
Scarlet Witch
Sebastian Shaw
William Stryker
Warren Worthington III
Sean Cassidy
Dr. Henry Philip Hank McCoy
Piotr Nikolievitch Rasputin
Scott Summers
Emma Grace Frost
Remy LeBeau
Alexander Summers
Robert "Bobby" Louis Drake
Jubilation Lee
Cain Marko
Yuriko Oyama
Erik Magnus
Jean Grey
Raven Darkholme
Kurt Wagner
Lorna Dane
Charles Xavier
Elisabeth Glorianna Braddock St. John Allerydyce
Victor Creed
Wanda Django Maximoff
Sebastian Shaw
Katherine (Kitty) Pryde
Ororo Munroe
Mortimer Toynbee
William Stryker
James Howlett
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