X-men Coloring Pages

Please allow at least 2-5 minutes to load all the X-men coloring pages, especially if there are many images.

Doing this piece of article brings back fond memories of my childhood or picture coloring days. I remember taking my "tools" and splashing my creativity onto my X-men coloring pages.

Then I would call it "art", but I am no Picasso. In actual fact, I recall using crayons or markers and made a big mess of the coloring book. I went on a wild rampage and just started coloring until I was done or tired. Most importantly, it kept me busy so that my parents can have some private time.

I have heard from my friends that coloring helps to develop one's creativity. As to whether it really helps to boost creativity that I do not know, but it is definitely a good activity to keep your cousins/nephews/children busy.

So if you are an X-men fan, who happens to be a parent, uncle, auntie and so on, you are in for a treat. "Like what", I hear you ask? Well, I was lucky to find quite a few printable coloring pages for X-men.

And these coloring pages here are even better than the ones that I did back then. But how can I compare then and now right - yes, I am jealous. Jealous face

You know what? You could actually color one yourself because I know I will! Cheers!cheers

If you are not sure on how to print, please read the instructions first - click here to read instructions.

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It is really very easy to print. Just follow the steps below (it should work for most web browsers):

  1. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge in new window
  2. Go to File>Print (Shortcut - Ctrl + P)
  3. Click Okay/Print - Make sure you select the correct printer
And keep repeating these 2 steps to print the other coloring pages.
So color up!color up

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Be nice and start introducing the X-men to the younger generation. You might also be interested to look at some awesome X-men drawings - click here to view X-men drawings.

Most importantly, it was very kind of Nabou Entertainment to provide the X-men coloring pages - click here to visit their website in a new window. So, THANK YOU!

*Click on thumbnail to enlarge image in a new window

X-men Apocalypse X-men Bishop X-men Cyclops X-men Gambit and Rogue
X-men Jean Grey X-men Jubilee X-men Juggernaut X-men Magneto
X-men Mystique X-men Phoenix  

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