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How should I describe him? Well, he happens to be one of the sweetest, kind and loving X-man character. Basically, Mr. Nice guy! Don’t you agree? Somehow girls seem to have a soft spot for guys like him!

The last few comics that I was going through happen to have a lot of good pictures of him. If you do not know, I love to re-read my old comics collection. Even though, he was not one of the original characters but his presence is quite prominent in most of the X-men series today.

Unfortunately, he only made a small appearance in the X-men 3 movie. I think I only have a few pictures of him only but you can check out the other pictures I have! - Click here to view X-men 3 movie pictures ...

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Some pictures were scanned from my old collection of X-men comic books, which explains the slightly yellowish images. And Colossus was played by Daniel Cudmore in the X-men 3 movie: The Last Stand.

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Ultimate X-men Colossus Pic 1 Ultimate X-men Colossus Pic 2 Ultimate X-men Colossus Pic 3 X-men Colossus Amoured Up
X-men Colossus in Giant-Size X-men 1 X-men Colossus Worried Face X-men Colossus Amouring Up Marvel Encyclopedia X-men Colossus
X-men Colossus deep in thought X-men Colossus Amour Up Pic 2 X-men Colossus Armour Up In Fire X-men Colossus is embarrassed
X-men Colossus Down X-men Colossus Side View X-men Colossus Sitting Down Astonishing X-men Colossus Armoured Face
Astonishing X-men Colossus Armoured Face Pic 2 Astonishing X-men Colossus Face    

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