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My Review: X-men Colossus

Personally, I think Colossus is a very gentle, selfless and kind natured man. Ironically, his superpower ability allows him to transform to organic and steel-like body � especially those who do not know him, may think that he is cold-hearted. But, of course not!

X-men Colossus & Archangel Archangel & Colossus

Initially, I did not really appreciate his presence in the comics but slowly I did.

I could feel his compassion, level of calmness and sincerity when treating others, which I think is very commendable.

He also happens to be quite good looking but a very shy and reserved man. Sometimes, Shadowcat (his lover) has to make a first move on him too. He was also never really exposed to so much violence till he joined the X-men. His life used to revolve around his family and the farm which he grew up on.

You can say he has lost his innocence, but who wouldn�t? Considering how many battles he had to encounter and life-threatening decisions that he had to make.

Actually, all the X-man will go through this! He fell apart when his sister, Illyana, passed away due to the Legacy Virus.

He didn�t want other mutants like himself to suffer the same fate of his sister. Therefore, he sacrificed his life to stop the Legacy Virus from killing others like him.

From here, you can tell how much he loves his family and how he looks out for others.

I also noticed that Colossus seems to be one of the prominent characters in the X-men comics.

However, he only plays a small role in the X-men 3 movie. � Click here to view X-men 3 pictures �

Do you know that X-men Colossus is homosexual in the Ultimate X-men Comic series? He was romantically linked to Northstar and this has caused a strain on his friendship with Nightcrawler. Shock FaceShocked? Well, I was too �

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Basic Profile:
Code Name: Colossus
Real Name: Piotr (Peter) Nikolievitch Rasputin
Other Alias: Peter Nicholas, Nicholas
First Appearance: Giant-Size X-men 1 - May 1975
Romance Partners:
  • Katherine Pryde (Shadowcat) � Lover
  • Jean-Paul Beaubier (Northstar) � Gay Partner in Ultimate X-men
  • Callisto � Romantically involved once
  • Betsy Wilford � Had a few dates
  • Nereel and Shakani � Sexual relationship
  • Nikolai Rasputin � Deceased Father
  • Alexandra Rasputina � Deceased Mother
  • Illyana Nikolovna Rasputina (Magik) � Deceased Sister
  • Mikhail Rasputin - Deceased Brother
  • Peter � Son
  • Transform flesh into organic steel
Team (Past & Current):
  • X-men - Current
  • Acolytes - Past
  • Excalibur - Past
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Brief History:

X-men Colossus was born on a Soviet collective farm called Ust-Ordynski Collective in Lake Baikal, Siberia. His superpowers only emerged when he was developing into an adult. Once, his sister Illyana was about to get run over by a tractor. He quickly transformed to save his sister by jumping in front of the tractor.

Right after that incident, Prof. X asked him for his assistance to help rescue the original X-men who were captured by Krakoa. Colossus is very close to his family and that was why he was so reluctant to go at first. But after much consideration and support from his parents, he decided to help rescue the X-men and left for the United States.

After saving the original X-men, he stayed on with Cyclops to officially become X-men Colossus. He missed his family and tries to write letters to them, but he is often lost for words. And so, he draws his adventures instead.

Ms Locke Kidnaps fellow X-men loved ones Kidnapping

Illyana the sister of X-men Colossus and other loved ones of the X-men was kidnapped by Miss Locke. This was to force the X-men to free her employer known as Arcade from Doctor Doom. After Illyana was rescued, she continued to stay with Colossus at Xavier�s Mansion.

It was during this time, he also developed a relationship with Shadowcat. Not long later, they parted but remained very good friends.

When Illyana died due to the Legacy Virus that only affect mutants, he was devastated by his loss. He left the X-men to give himself some personal space and shortly later he joined the Acolytes, disciples of Magneto.

However, he realized that it was not suitable for him. Ultimately, he returned to the X-men. Desperate to stop the Legacy Virus that killed his sister, he decided to use the cure developed by Beast by injecting it into him.

For the cure to work, it needs to be used on a mutant host, which causes the host�s powers to go off and spread it into the atmosphere of Earth. And in the process, the host will die. His body was cremated and Shadowcat spread his ashes in Russia where he belongs.

X-men Colossus & Shadowcat Colossus & Shadowcat

However, there is a twist to his death. After he died, he was revived by an alien from the Breakworld called Ord. He left a duplicate body to avoid any suspicions that may occur.

After which, Ord used the Legacy Virus in Colossus�s body to create his mutant cure. During one of X-men's investigations, Colossus�s was unknowingly released by Shadowcat and rejoined as X-men Colossus again. Then he and Shadowcat continued their romantic relationship.

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X-men Colossus believes that he is able to make a difference by using his superpowers to help others to live in peace with humans. That is the reason why he keeps returning back to the X-men because he shares their common belief.

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Superpowers Limitations:

X-men Colossus Armoured up Armour Up

X-men Colossus is able to transform his body tissue into organic and steel-like substance, which gives him incredible strength and durability.

He is unable to partially select which part of his body to armour (or �armor� for US spelling) up. His whole body is either transformed to organic steel or converted to its normal flesh form.

His organic and steel-like body is mostly resistant to most bodily harm. He can also withstand high-voltage electricity, magical attacks and extremely low and high temperatures.

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His Likes:

As mentioned in his brief history above, he loves his family more than anything else. I think that he especially loves his sister, Illyana, as he feels that he need to protect her even more.

He also enjoys painting and for a period of time he was quite a famous American artist in Soho. It was then he was romantically involved with Callisto.

I guess it was tough being X-men Colossus and painting helps to relax him. And not forgetting that Shadowcat is probably the love of his life and also one of his best friends.

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His Quotes From Various Issues:
Quotes: Issue:
"This is why i joined the X-men -- TO combat evil, to stand by those without the power or strength to defend themselves." Classic X-men 14 - Oct 1987 (Reprint of X-Men 107 1st Series)
"NO LONGER AM I THE X-MAN COLOSSUS -- A TRAITOR TO HIS MOTHERLAND AND PEOPLE!" Classic X-men 29 - Jan 1989 (Reprint of X-Men 123 1st Series)
"You have made a fatal mistake. You toyed with me when you should have slain me, allowing me to change from PETER RASPUTIN ... TO COLOSSUS!" Classic X-men 34 - June 1989 (Reprint of X-Men 128 1st Series)
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