X-men Criteria for My Top Picks

My criteria are really simple and straightforward. I thought really long and hard, before I came out with my own set of criteria. What makes a character so special? How different?

After much brain-racking, I managed to come up with something. I always thought if you like something - you like something. But I am sure that you have your own set of criteria to determine who your favourites are.

Side Note:
Most of my criteria are quite subjective and are according to what I feel is important. You could also be your own judge by coming up with your own set of criteria. You can take mine as a guide!

Character Criteria:

  • Good (Kick-Ass) Attitude - Be it a super-villain or a superhero, without attitude … it makes a character really boring (*yawns*).
  • Useful Superpower - A character with useless superpower/s should not even be created.
  • Strong Believer - I feel that it is important to strongly believe in something and fight for your beliefs. Don't you?
  • Able to Relate - If you are unable to relate to the characters, it is really difficult to even like them.