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My Review: X-men Cyclops

Tell me who does not know Cyclops from the X-men? He is the living model for the X-men and he is even the first member.

X-men Cyclops X-men Cyclops

Well, I can't say he is my favourite character (cause that's lying haha) but he is a very important X-man.

Why? Well, because he is Cyclops that's why!

He is a great leader and carries a heavy responsibility to his fellow X-man as well as to Prof. X.

That explains why he can be very uptight and look bossy. But I have to admit, his presence does make a difference in the X-men which explains why he is the leader.

I like him for his quick thinking, gentlemen behaviour (except when he is fighting with Wolverine most of the time), strong dedication to the team, and much more.

Also, his undying love for Jean Grey is admirable as well. It goes to show what kind of man X-men Cyclops is!

Did you know that X-men Cyclops actually had a telepathic "affair" with Emma Frost when he was seeking therapy on his relationship with Jean in Uncanny X-men series? And if I am not wrong, in the Astonishing X-men issues they had a romantic relationship together.

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Basic Profile:
Code Name: Cyclops
Real Name: Scott Summers
Other Alias: Erik the Red I, Slym Dayspring
First Appearance: Uncanny X-men #1 - September 1963
Romance Partners:
  • Emma Frost (White Queen) - Romantic relationship
  • Jean Grey - 2nd Wife
  • Madelyne Pryor - 1st Wife
  • Alex Summers (Havok) - Brother
  • Christopher Summers (Corsair) - Father
  • Deborah Summers - Grandmother
  • Elaine Grey - Mother-in-law
  • Jean Grey (Phoenix) - 2nd Wife
  • John Grey - Father-in-law
  • Katharine Anne Summers - Deceased Mother
  • Madelyne Pryor - Deceased 1st Wife
  • Nathan Summers - Son
  • Philip Summers -Grandfather
  • Rachel Summers (Phoenix III) - Daughter
  • Sarah Grey-Bailey - Deceased Sister-in-law
  • Optic ray blasts
Team (Past & Current):
  • X-men - Current
  • X-Factor 1 - Past
  • X-Terminators - Past
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Brief History:

X-men Cyclops came from a very happy family, until one incident that changed his life forever.

One day, his father, Christopher Summers, flew the family on their vintage private plane for a vacation.

Along the way, they were being attacked by an alien ship from Shi'ar Empire and their plane caught fire.

In order to save her two sons, Katharine (mother) pushed both Alex and Cyclops out of the plane with the only 2 parachutes they have on the plane.

Unfortunately, Scott suffered a head injury upon landing and both brothers were separated. Scott suffered brain damage and was a comatose patient for about a year, before he woke up.

He spent most of his childhood in the orphanage, which was controlled by Mr. Sinister. As for Alex, he was adopted by a foster family and they lost contact until they became much older. I guess because of his medical condition, he was not being adopted unlike his younger brother.

He believed that both his parents were dead, but his father survived and was taken prisoner by Shi'ar Empire. And his father became the leader of a group known as the Starjammers. When he started to hit teenage-hood, he started to have severe headaches and eyestrain.

Once, his power erupted suddenly and blasted a construction crane. After recovering from his shock, he quickly blasted another optic ray to destroy the debris that was about to fall onto innocent bystanders. No doubt, he had saved the crowd, but still they were afraid of homo sapiens also known as mutants. The crowd started to form into an angry mob and chased after him.

X-men Cyclops chased by a mob Chased by Mob

Cyclops invited to join the X-men X-men Cyclops

Fortunately, he was saved by Prof. X and he was offered to become the first X-man. Without much thought, he accepted it because yearned to be accepted and belong to a family.

Since then, he became known as X-men Cyclops and there was no turning back. After that, he and Prof. X became so close. And their teacher and student relationship has evolved into that of a father and son relationship.

Apart from helping him to control his optic rays, Prof. X has played a significant role in Scott's life. Without Prof. X's teaching, he would not have been the man he is today. X-men Cyclops unwavering bond, trust and devotion to Prof. X is hard to break.

Over the years, more X-men were recruited and one X-man, Jean Grey, caught his eye. He had a crush on her for a long time and being the shy guy that he is when it comes to relationship, he never confessed his feelings to her until much later.

Soon they fell madly in love and she became one of the most important people in his life other than Prof. X. During one mission, he thought that Jean was dead and he was devastated - Click here to read more about Jean Grey.

X-men Cyclops and Jean happily married Happy Marriage

Upset, he met a girl called Madelyne Pryor (Goblin Queen) who looks like Jean and they got married. He was unaware that his wife was actually a clone of Jean created by Mr. Sinister. Soon, they had a son called Nathan Summers.

But Jean was not actually dead and upon learning her return, he left his wife. After the death of his first wife, he married Jean and their relationship had withstood the test of time despite many setbacks.

And these setbacks only made their love and relationship stronger.

X-men Cyclops was made leader and he undertakes the responsibilities of Prof. X when he is not around. It is quite obvious that he will be the successor to Prof. X's work.

That is a whole lot of information Wipes sweat face

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X-men Cyclops beliefs His Beliefs

X-men Cyclops was the first to be recruited by Prof. X, he was loved and given a home to belong to.

Therefore, this explains his strong devotion to Prof. X's goal which is to ensure the co-existence of mutants and humans.

The main reason why he is helping Prof. X is not only out of gratitude, but also because he believes the world will be a better place if everyone can just get along.

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Superpowers Limitations:

Astonishing X-men Cyclops optic blast His Superpowers

X-men Cyclops is able to emit powerful blast of ruby red beams from his eyes. The source of his beams is actually solar power, which is transferred to his eyes.

Therefore, his blasts become more powerful when there is sunlight. In quite a few X-men comic issues, his optic beams are able to bounce off reflective metal surfaces.

It is said that the psionic field controls the extent of the optic blasts from his eyes. But due to the brain damage he suffered from a rough landing, it has affected his ability to control his optic beams consciously - Click here to read his brief history.

And so each time he opens his eyes, optic beams will emit from his eyes. However, there is a limit as to how long he can continuously use his optic beams and becomes weak if used too long.

Astonishing X-men Cyclops ruby quartz visor Astonishing X-men

As the psionic field merges with his body, it is used to block his optic blasts, it explains why he is immune to the effect of his own blasts. He is also able to stop optic beams by closing his eyes.

To prevent sudden outbursts of his optic rays, he dons a ruby quartz visor constantly. With his ruby quartz visor, he is able to control the width of the optic blasts which uses the psionic field to control his optic beams.

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His Likes:

Without doubt, X-men Cyclops loves Jean Grey and also Prof. X who is his "father" and teacher. In his spare time, he likes to spend a quiet evening or date with the love of his life.

Not forgetting, that he also likes working with the X-men who has became his de facto family.

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