X-men Days of Future Past Movie Review

With so much thought put into the plot of the movie, I did enjoy the latest installment of X-men Days of Future Past movie. Although this review came a bit too late, watching this movie again still drew such excitement and emotion.

The joining of forces across two time periods of the present day and younger selves from X-men First Class movie integrated very elegantly. The flow of the story from one time period to another transitioned smoothly and it was relatively easy to follow the story even if you had limited knowledge about the X-men.

In X-men Days of Future past movie, you will be able to witness the rise of the mutant killer robots also known as the Sentinels whose sole purpose is to exterminate the mutants. Will the X-men be able to save themselves from the future of extinction of mutants by travelling through time to change the course of history? I believe you might have probably wondered at some point in your life, what it will be like to travel back in time to do things that you never would have done or correct a wrong and so forth.

Not only focusing on just the theatrics and the action, it was crucial to gradually build the plot of the story. Like so many movies you have probably watched before, some movies just takes too long to build the story and you quickly lose the interest or some movies just simply is a hit and miss. Not forgetting, the talented cast of actors/actresses helped to seal the deal that this was movie worth watching and does not disappoint.

*Be warned of potential spoiler(s) below of X-men Days of Future Past movie. Tough Cookie

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X-men First Class Beast and Storm Poster X-men First Class Colossus Blink Poster X-men First Class Iceman Blink Poster X-men First Class Mystique Wolverine
X-men First Class Magneto Poster X-men First Class Professor X Poster X-men First Class Magneto 2 X-men First Class Professor 2

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Brief Overview:

In the latest installation of X-men Days Future Past movie, it will be task of the present X-men and company to save themselves by rewriting history before the uprising of the Sentinels that proves to be too effective in eliminating the mutant race. It is only dire times like this will you will witness the synergy of both Professor X and Magneto in the present day. Although, Professor X and Magneto became good friends very quickly when they first knew each other and it was due to the difference in belief that resulted them ending up on opposite sides.

Few mutants survived from the constant hunting by the Sentinels and many lives were lost. A group of mutants including Iceman and Kitty Pryde managed to escape to a nearby temple/monastery to seek refuge. They were then joined by the X-men such as Professor X, Storm, Wolverine and Magneto.

To end the uprising of Sentinels, history needs to be rewritten where it all began with the elimination of Bolivar Trask by Mystique. Kitty Pryde projected Wolverine's consciousness 50 years back into time and he was back in 1973 before it all began.

Wolverine's mission was to garner support from the younger Professor X and Magneto to work together to prevent the sanction of the Trask's Sentinel program that changed history forever.

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More Juicy Details:

Here you go, juicier details about the movie and yes this is a spoiler alert for X-men Days of Future Past movie. You were warned!

Mystique's assassination attempt on Olivar Trask was traced back to her appearance in a Saigon base camp, where William Stryker (one of the characters in X-men 2 movie) has been conducting experiments on mutants for research. During this time, Trask was rejected by the Congress for the Sentinel program.

Mystique angry that mutants were used in experiments, she decided to infiltrate Paris Peace accords and impersonated as a North Vietnamese General to get close to Trask who was trying to sell his Sentinel program to the communist nations. Fortunately, Mystique was interrupted by Beast, Professor X and Magneto and Trask managed to escape death. During this time, Magneto had wanted to kill Mystique to prevent her DNA from being used by the Sentinel program in the event she gets captured; however, Mystique managed to escape and took their fight outside with many onlookers appalled by what they were seeing. During this time, Trask's scientist managed to recover Mystique's blood for research.

Although, Trask was saved, this has also triggered a nationwide panic of possibly other unknown races living amongst the human race, which they have no knowledge of. In light of this, President Nixon approved the Sentinel program. As President Nixon unveil the prototype of the Sentinels to the public, Magneto controls the Sentinels using his abilities and started using them to attack the crowd. Amidst the chaos, Mystique points her gun to Trask and faults him for all the cruel acts done unto her friends. During this time, Professor X makes one final plea to Mystique to stop and do the right thing.

There are more details that I can write about the X-men Days of Future Past movie, but this is the main gist of the plot that I personally thought was quite exciting how one event led to another.

My advice is DO NOT leave the cinema early because there're more after the movie credits.

I hoped you have enjoyed my latest review of the X-men Days of Future Past movie!

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Main Characters in X-men Days of Future Past:
X-man Codename Played by Actor/Actress
  1. Beast
  2. Bishop
  3. Blink
  4. Colossus
  5. Cyclops
  6. Dr. Bolivar Trask
  7. Havok
  8. Iceman
  9. Jean Grey
  10. Juggernaut
  11. Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat)
  12. Maj. Bill Stryker
  13. Magneto
  14. Mystique
  15. Professor Charles Xavier (Prof. X)
  16. Pyro
  17. Quicksilver
  18. Rogue
  19. Storm
  20. Sunspot
  21. Toad
  22. Wolverine
  1. Kelsey Grammer
  2. Omar Sy
  3. Bingbing Fan
  4. Daniel Cudmore
  5. James Marsden
  6. Peter Dinklage
  7. Lucas Till
  8. Shawn Ashmore
  9. Famke Jansse
  10. Vinnie Jones
  11. Ellen Page
  12. Josh Helman
  13. Ian McKellen/Michael Fassbender
  14. Jennifer Lawrence
  15. Patrick Stewart/James McAvoy
  16. Aaron Stanford
  17. Evan Peters
  18. Anna Paquin
  19. Halle Berry
  20. Adan Canto
  21. Evan Jonigkeit
  22. Hugh Jackman
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