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By coincidence, I came across a few great X-men artworks done by fans themselves. And they look fantastic! Each and every one of the drawings or paintings portrayed the X-men characters really well.

Some drawings were done on a particular X-men character, the whole X-men and so on. After looking at their artwork, I decided to draw one myself.

But then reality hit me and I am sad to say that I am a failure at drawing (no joke) or anything close to being creative; otherwise my artwork would be on display!

I thought that it would be great if I could put a few of them on my website for display. It took about a few weeks of hard work for contacting them and gaining their permission to display their artworks on my website.

Honestly, it was no hard work at all! All of the artists were very friendly and most of them were more than willing to let me display their artwork here.

And so I would like to say a big THANK YOU to some of upcoming artists who were kind enough to let me display their artwork on this website.

Enjoy! Happy Face

Do you have some great artwork done on the X-men and you're unsure where you should share it? Why not share it here? It is now so easy to share your drawings with your fellow X-men fanatics now. Click here to start sharing your X-men artwork!

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Artist: Beebee
Ice-man and Northstar Bad boys of X-men Acolytes  

Beebee shows us a more light-hearted perspective in her drawings. You can tell from her artworks that the characters are moving towards the more cartoon/comic direction. A different approach to drawing the usually serious X-men drawings that I have displayed so far. Good work!

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Artist: Jun Joe Monares
The X-men Team The X-men Team in colour  

Great drawing and colouring of the X-men team! If you did not notice, both are the same drawing except that one is in ink and the other is coloured. Nicely done by Jun!

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Artist: Mark Anthony Taduran
Steel Hard Colossus Cool Emma Frost Jean Grey as the Phoenix
Sexy Rogue Wolverine Cowboy Style 3 X-girls
Beautiful Psylocke    

Mark has such a wide variety of X-men artworks to choose from and here are some of which i think is the best. I love the way he use colours to bring out their personality! Simply marvellous!

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Artist: Tim Kelly
Astonishing X-men Wolverine Impression Astonishing X-men Beast Impression Astonishing X-men Colossus Impress
Astonishing X-men Emma Frost Impression    

Tim has done well here! He has given us a different art perspective as you can see from his drawings (I am not art expert here so don't mind my limited "art" vocabulary). Each time I look at them, it gives me a different feeling every time. They are definitely worth taking more than a second look!

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Artist: Scott Ngo
X-men Movie Cyclops Impression X-men Movie Jean Grey Impression X-men Movie 2 Lady Deathstrike Impression
X-men Rogue X-men Women at Full force X-men Dark Phoenix

I really like his life-like portrait version of the X-men movie characters. And my personal favourites are the portrait of Cyclops and Lady Deathstrike. Did I also mention I love the red oriental-like square signature he has on some of the artworks? Fantastic!

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