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17th April 2011
There are already plans to have a potential sequel to X-men First Class film and this might led us into the 1970s till 1980s. At the present moment, this is still tentative and exact plans has not been laid out yet.

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So the big question is: How far will X-men First Class Movie 2 take us to? I am sure all X-men fans are awaiting for that answer!

Let us stick to what the expected plot of the first movie is going to bring us. X-men First Class movie will be bringing us back to 1960s, when Professor X. and Magneto first started together with the original X-men members.

This would be a good insight into the complex relationship and history of Magneto and Professor X. before they became rivals in the X-men movie franchise.

It would also be a good opportunity to bring fans back to where it all began and introduce the X-men characters.

However, this is dependent if the X-men characters introduced here will be able to live through the potential sequels to even let us better understand the characters involved. So that remains to be seen as well. Here are some of the latest pictures of the cast. Enjoy!

At the present moment, it seems from 3rd June 2011 you would be able to catch the movie in your nearest local cinema around you! Images are copyrighted by 20th Century Fox.

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X-men First Class Cast 1 X-men First Class Cast 2 X-men First Class Team 1 Sebastian Shaw and Emma Frost
X-men First Class Magneto 1 X-men First Class Magneto and Professor X X-men First Class Professor X 1 X-men First Class Professor X 2

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For those who have not heard, X-men First Class Movie will be released by Fox which is coming out after the Wolverine movie and it is based on a recent comic series by Jeff Parker and Roger Cruz.

If you have not heard about the X-men First Class series, it tells the story of the early days of the five core students: Cyclops, Archangel, Iceman, Marvel Girl and Beast.

X-men First Class #1 Cover X-men First Class

However, it is rumoured that this movie might not surround around the initial five core students mentioned above. But rather they might revolve around characters such as Jubilee, Shadowcat, Rogue, etc, who were cast in the previous 3 X-men movie franchise. Then again, the finer details have been kept secret or have not yet been decided.

Josh Schwartz Josh Schwartz

Fox may decide to also include the more established characters such as Storm, Wolverine, Magneto, etc. For those who are avid followers of television series such as Chuck, Gossip Girl, The O.C., then you will be happy to know that Josh Schwartz who had a hand in the series mentioned above will be hired to do the screenplay.

My guess is that Josh Schwartz is used to inject some new fresh ideas into the next superhero movie!

Hopefully, he does inject some great new ideas! It is not clear if he will be taking the director's role as there have been conflicting reports.

Previous staff that worked on the first X-men movie such as Simon Kinberg will be the producer for the upcoming X-men First Class movie.

This movie is estimated to be released in year 2010 and I believe this will be a highly Wolverine movie. and Magneto movie that are set to be released in year 2009.

Especially after X-men fans are being hyped up by the 2 earlier Wolverine and Magneto movie.

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Cast Members:

Main Actors:

  1. James McAvoy - Professor X
  2. Nicholas Hoult - Beast
  3. Lucas Till - Havok
  4. Michael Fassbender - Magneto
  5. January Jones - Emma Frost
  6. Caleb Landry Jones - Banshee
  7. Rose Byrne - Moira MacTaggert
  8. Jason Flemyng - Azazel
  9. Zoe Kravitz - Angel
  10. Jennifer Lawrence - Mystique
  11. Kevin Bacon - Sebastian Shaw

Director:   Matthew Vaughn

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What do you think about the new movie!

What do you think about the new X-men First Class movie? Will it be a totally flop or complete success? Too many superheros movie within a short time span? Share your views with everyone!

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