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My Review: X-men Gambit

One of the reasons why I came to like Gambit was because of his light-hearted and fun personality. Of course, I admit he is good-looking and probably that's why it was easier for him to get into my favourite list.

Gambit X-men in Marvel Encyclopedia Marvel Encyclopedia

Gambit is displayed as someone who is very charismatic, charming and mischievous. He is almost everything a girl can ask for especially his very cheeky grin, nice red eyes and very handsome features.

He didn't look like someone who had experienced a lot in life because he seems happy most of the time. But deep inside, he has many secrets and memories that he is hiding from everyone.

And that probably explains why he tries to look happy and makes everyone feel like he has no worries in the world.

The second reason was because I love his style of fighting when he uses his Bo staff in "fist" fights and the explosive deck of cards that he throws to his opponents.

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And because his fighting techniques is so different and looks so cool, he appealed to me even more.

Lastly, I love the very intense and playful relationship he has with Rogue. Both of them are a pair made in heaven, at least I would like to say it.

The things he do just to get her attention and slowly warming Rogue up to him. He sure does live up to his name of being the ladies' man.

Three Cheers to X-men Gambit!Whistle Face

Yes girls (if you are), X-men Gambit is taken. I recommend watching the first season of the 1990s X-men cartoon show if you're a fan of his, because he was one of the main characters that were cast.

And even better if you like Rogue and Gambit together because you get to see the troubles he gets into to get her attention and so on. Sad to say, he was not among the characters in any of the X-men movies franchise. Such a pity!

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Basic Profile:
Code Name: Gambit
Real Name: Remy LeBeau
Other Alias: Gumbo, Swamp Rat
First Appearance: Uncanny X-men #266 - Aug 1990
Romance Partners:
  • Belladonna - Ex-wife
  • Rogue - Love of his life
  • Jean-Luc LeBeau - Stepfather
  • Henry LeBeau - Deceased Stepbrother
  • Mercy LeBeau - Sister-in-law
  • Theoren Marceaux - Cousin
  • Etienne Marceaux - Deceased Cousin
  • Belladonna Boudreaux - Ex-wife
  • Marius Boudreaux - Deceased Father-in-law
  • Julien Boudreaux - Deceased Brother-in-law
  • Able to charge objects with kinetic energy that causes them to explode
  • Skilled master thief
  • Works well with a Bo staff
Team (Past & Current):
  • X-men - Current
  • Marauders - Past
  • Thieves' Guild - Past
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Brief History:

X-men Gambit also known as Remy LeBeau was stolen from the hospital when he was just a baby and was adopted by the Thieves' Guild leader, Jean-Luc LuBeau. With the help of his stepfather, he naturally became a master thief.

During that time, the Thieves' Guild had a peace agreement with their rival, Assassin's Guild. And a marriage was arranged between Gambit and his childhood sweetheart Belladonna.

After his marriage Julien (Belladonna's brother) challenged Gambit duel and was seriously injured. To prevent further conflicts, Gambit decided to turn his back on the world he once knew and that includes leaving Belladonna.

A short time after he left, he began to start losing control of his superpowers. At one point, Gambit got to know a mad scientist also known as Mr. Sinister (you know that right?) and he helped him to assemble a group of mutants called the Marauders.

Gambit led the Marauders into the Morlock's tunnel and to his horror the Marauders started killing everyone. He did not know that Mr. Sinister's plan was to slaughter the Morlocks and so he left.

Uncanny X-men Gambit helps Storm Gambit Helps Storm

Eventually, he met Storm from the X-men and helped her in the battle against the Shadow King.

Storm impressed with his skills recommended him to Prof. Charles Xavier (Prof. X) and became the X-men Gambit you see today.

He decided to use this opportunity to make amends for the wrongs he had done especially for the massacre of the Morlocks.

Little did he know that love came knocking on his door, eventually he fell in love with a fellow X-man, Rogue. Slowly, his one-sided love for Rogue became mutual as they got to know each other more. However, Gambit still remains very reserved about his past and has not told any of the X-men.

Once, Rogue and Gambit exchanged a kiss. Rogue's ability allowed her to absorb the memories and dark secrets that Gambit has been guarding very tightly (Click here to read more about Rogue).

Soon, the X-men learnt about Gambit's sinful past. He was so ashamed and decided to leave. After his departure, he realized that he had found his goal in life and it was to be fighting along side with his fellow X-man. Most importantly, X-men have become Gambit's family. Therefore, he returned and continued being an X-man.

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X-men Gambit believes that by fighting for Prof. X's cause of co-existence between humans and mutants, he can make amends for the past mistakes that he had done. He never wants to return back to the shady world, where he once was.

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Superpowers Limitations:

X-men Gambit is able to charge non-living objects with kinetic energy and causing them to explode.

Uncanny X-men Gambit in action Gambit in Action

Playing cards are his trademark object that he uses as a weapon against his opponents.

His most powerful attack would be when he throws a deck of explosively charged cards all at one time. Why?

Imagine throwing a single weapon against multiple weapons at your opponent, which is more powerful?

I'll leave it for you to decide �

He also uses a Bo staff, which is about six feet long and can be made of metal, wood and bamboo, as one of his choice of weapon when fighting.

He is highly skilled in martial arts and by looking at his very fit body he is also very agile.

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His Likes:

Gambit is known for being charismatic, the ladies' man and flirtatious. However, ever since he fell in love with Rogue he only had eyes for her. And somehow I feel that he enjoys annoying Rogue to get her attention.

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