My Top 3 X-men Girls and Women

There are so many X-men girls or women who are simply fantastic. Each and every one of them has their own unique mutant power, personality, etc. And so it is a tough call to make! How am I going to rank who is the best or the worst?

But before I evaluate them, I need a list of X-girls and X-women (villains or superheroes). So here are some of the names that came into mind immediately - If she is not in the list below, please don't kill me!Sad Face

  • Storm
  • Rogue
  • Shadowcat
  • Jean Grey
  • Jubilee
  • Mystique
  • Polaris
  • Emma Frost
  • Dazzler
  • Psylocke
  • Sage
  • Scarlet Witch

So now that I have a list of potential candidates, it is time to determine how I will rank them accordingly. After burning out many brain cells (I'm not joking), I drew up my own criteria that I would use to evaluate some of girls and women of the X-men.

It is highly recommended that you read my list of criteria before reading on, so that you would know what I am blabbering about - Click here to read my criteria (a new window will be opened).

After much comparison, I have finally decided who my top 3 X-men Girls are (*Drum rolls please*):

1st: Mystique 2nd: Rogue 3rd: Jean Grey
X-men Mystique X-men Rogue X-men Jean Grey Front Profile

So why choose them and not others? My X-men girls were ranked according to the number of points they have scored for their attitude, superpower,etc.

But don't let me bore you with the math. And so now let me give you a brief summary on how or why they're chosen. Follow me please �

Mystique is the ultimate winner because she scored a lot of points in criteria such as "Good (Kick-Ass) Attitude" and "Useful Superpower".

I feel that her shape-shifting abilities commonly known as morphing ability is really something so unique (psst � I always secretly wished I could morph into anyone).

The only thing about Mystique that confuses me is her complicated history. But her background is not a concern here, so that will not be taken into consideration.

Whereas for Rogue, there seem to be this connection that allows me to understand and empathize with what she is going through at most stages of her life. Therefore, she scores a lot of points for "Able to Relate" and also "Useful Superpower". Don't you wish you can just suck the life out of the person you disliked most? - *Warning* No violence encouraged! Celebration Face

Lastly, Jean Grey just made it into the last entry on my top list. Initially, I felt that her superpower (before she became the phoenix) was not really outstanding or probably seems quite common among mutants. But I shall evaluate as she is now with her new unleashed superpower. Naturally, she scores some points in "Useful Superpower" criterion.

But she scored exceptionally well in the "Strong Believer" criterion because I admired how she has never stopped loving Cyclops. Even though, I secretly wished she get together with Wolverine or Archangel instead.

So there you are Celebration Face My very own top 3 list of X-men Girls and Women! If you should have any comments on this article, feel free to email me - Click here to fill-up my contact form!

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