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My Review: X-men Iceman
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My Review: X-men Iceman

Iceman is one of the pioneer members of the original X-men back in the old days. His power has evolved along the way and matured a lot too.He could be considered as one of the ladies' man together with Archangel and Gambit as well.

As he is one of the youngest X-men, he is very playful and fun. But that does not mean he is not committed to the X-men. Many times, I have seen him proved to be a worthy X-man even though he can be quite irresponsible sometimes.

But if everyone is so serious, what fun will that be right? Lighten up

Most importantly, he is a very spontaneous, interesting to hang-out with and a very likable person. So let's give some credit to X-men Iceman for adding some humor to the comics. Hurray

Did you know that Iceman had a relationship with Rogue in the X-men 2 movie? He also had a "thing" going on with Shadowcat in the X-men 3 movie, which apparently caused Rogue to become jealous!
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Basic Profile:
Code Name: Iceman
Real Name: Robert "Bobby" Louis Drake
Other Alias: -
First Appearance: Uncanny X-men #1 - September 1963
Romance Partners:
  • Judy Harmon - Ex-girlfriend
  • Lorna Dane (Polaris) - Ex-girlfriend
  • William Robert Drake - Father
  • Madeline Beatrice Bass Drake - Mother
  • Mary - Cousin
  • Joel - Cousin
  • Ability to control organic ice
Team (Past & Current):
  • Defenders
  • The Champions
  • X-Factor
  • X-men
  • X-Terminators
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Brief History:

Our favourite X-men Iceman was born in Long Island, New York to William Robert Drake and Madeline Beatrice Bass Drake. Bobby was like any other schoolboy growing up and leading a normal life. But things started to change when he hit puberty. That was when he started to discover his mutant ability to control ice.

When his parents found out about his mutant power, they told him to keep it a secret for fear of his life. Unfortunately, the secret was made known when he was out on a date with his girlfriend, Judy Harmon.

A group of local bullies starting assaulting them and in self defence, Bobby used his mutant power to encase his aggressor.

Iceman confides in his parents about using his powers in public Coming Clean

Not long, the community heard about this incident and turned into a crazy mob. They broke into the Drakes' house in an attempt to capture the mutant. As much as he wanted to stop the angry mob with his superpower, he could not as he was outnumbered.

Iceman defending himself from the angry mob Self-Defense

Iceman rejects the help of Cyclops Standing Proud

Luckily, a local sheriff arrested Bobby and put him into jail where he is safe from the angry mob. On the same night, Cyclops blasted the jail's walls using his optic rays to rescue Bobby.

However, Bobby declined and somehow both got into an argument. Again, the mob arrived and started attacking both of them.

In the nick of time, Professor X appeared and stopped the mob psionically. He also managed to convince Bobby to join his school and later officially became known as X-men Iceman. Bobby became the youngest member to ever join the X-men at that time.

Iceman accepts Prof X invitation Join the X-men

Shortly, he was joined by other X-men members like Archangel, Marvel Girl and Beast. Together, they formed the original X-men.

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Other than supporting Professor X's cause, personally I think our X-men Iceman believes everyone should learn to be more happy and optimistic. Why do I say that? Well, he loves to crack clever jokes at times of adversities to calm his team members and provides comfort to them as well.

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Superpowers Limitations:

If you have seen him in comics, his power is quite obvious and that is the ability to control ice.

Iceman rejects the help of Cyclops Ice Slides

That is why he was named X-men Iceman right? He is able to lower his body temperature so low and not harming himself in the process.

As long as there is moisture, he is able to freeze and turn it into ice of any shape. It is not uncommon to use ice-slides as his mode of transport.

At times, you might have seen him using of column of ice to lift himself up just like an elevator transporting us up in our case.

Iceman has an unlimited use of his power, why? Why? Well, because there is always moisture in the air which means he can always make use of his mutant ability.

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His Likes:

All X-men Iceman ever wanted was to lead a normal life like every other average human being. Unfortunately, he is a mutant and that dream was dashed.

As time passes, he has grown to accept his gift. He is also well-known for being the prankster and loves to crack jokes to cheer everyone up.

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