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My Review: X-men Jean Grey
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My Review: X-men Jean Grey

X-men Jean Grey as Phoenix Phoenix

Initially, I did not really like Jean Grey. I felt that she was quite weak compared to her fellow X-men members. I felt that she takes a much longer time to come to terms with the harsh reality.

I did not realize how powerful Jean was until the Phoenix Force started disguising as her. After that, I started paying more attention to her. The power of the Phoenix is amazing and to think that actually she is more powerful than Prof. X himself.

And I also found out that Phoenix is a part of Jean, without Jean the Phoenix fails to exist. It is Jean’s destiny to wield the power of the Phoenix.

Apart from the Phoenix, I admire Jean for being so selfless by sacrificing her life so many times just to save her friends. Click here to read more about her brief history ...

Honestly, I prefer Jean to be together with Wolverine rather than Cyclops. I can feel a weird chemistry between Jean and Wolverine, even though Jean tries to conceal her feelings for him.

But she knows that Cyclops is the only man she truly loves and so they got married. So I guess you and I should say a big “THANK YOU” to people involved in making X-men Jean Grey so much more interesting! Celebration Face

Did you know that X-men Jean Grey was the first member of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and one of original members of the X-men? I thought I should share it with you too! Happy Face

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Basic Profile:
Code Name: Jean Grey
Real Name: Jean Grey-Summers
Other Alias: Marvel Girl 1, Phoenix
First Appearance: X-men 1 - 1963
Romance Partners:
  • Cyclops - Husband
  • Wolverine - More than a friend
  • John Grey - Father
  • Elaine Grey - Mother
  • Sara Grey - Deceased Sister
  • Scott Summers (Cyclops) - Husband
  • Alexander Summers (Havok) - Brother-in-law
  • Rachel Summers (Marvel Girl 2) - Daughter
  • Telekinetic powers
  • Telepathic powers
  • Ability to fly
Team (Past & Current):
  • X-men - Current
  • Hellfire Club (Manipulated by Mastermind) - Past
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Brief History:

The history of X-men Jean Grey is kind of complicated because of the Dark Phoenix Saga, so bear with me.

Jean came to know death when she was only 10 years old. She witnessed the death of her best friend, Anna, being hit by a vehicle. By touching her dying friend, Jean had awakened her telepathic powers and experienced the pain of death.

Her parents sought the help of Prof. X (Professor Charles Xavier) and he created psychic shields to prevent her from using her full powers until she is able to control them better.

When she joined Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, she saw Cyclops and fell in love with him. Shy as she was, she did not let him know how she felt about him.

X-men Jean Grey dies in radiation poisoning Radiation Poison

While she was in outer-space to complete a mission, the X-men had to fly back in a radiation storm. In order for the X-men to reach earth safely, Jean had to fly the spaceship. However, her power was not enough to protect her.

Due to exposure of radiation poisoning, a cosmic known as the Phoenix Force touched her. The force duplicated her body, personality, memories and some essence of her.

The real X-men Jean Grey was placed in a healing cocoon under the bay, after the spaceship crashed into the Jamaica Bay close to New York City.

The Phoenix Force started posing as X-men Jean Grey. Ultimately, the Phoenix became a victim of its limitless power and was manipulated by Mastermind.

In the end, she managed to gain control over the Phoenix Force and committed suicide so that she will not become the Dark Phoenix again (As shown in the image below).

X-men Jean Grey as the Dark Phoenix Dark Phoenix

After a few months, she released herself by breaking free from the cocoon and started contacting the old X-men. And needless to say, she contacted Cyclops (Scott), the man she loves! She returned to the X-men and started building up her relationship with Cyclops.

She devotes her time by being a headmistress of Xavier’s School and help troubled mutants to survive the harsh reality that they’re living in.

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Just like every other X-men member, she feels that she should help troubled teen mutants who need guidance on how to use their superpowers for a greater good. And that is why she became the headmistress of Xavier’s School.

I also feel that she is a believer of true love as portrayed in some issues I have read! – Not sure exactly which issues.

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Superpowers Limitations:

The telepathic powers of X-men Jean Grey allow her to read the thoughts in the mind of others, and also manipulate or change memories/decisions.

She also so happens to be able to communicate with animals, which very few telepaths can do.

Her telekinetic powers allow her to cast a shield to protect her from powerful missile explosions.

By concentrating on a target, she can use her telekinetic force blasts to attack.

The Phoenix Force enables her to increase another mutant’s power to a higher level but only temporarily. It has also helped her to fly through space without any help and rearrange molecules.

She also had the ability to control timelines, allowing her to create portals to travel between dimensions. And the coolest part is that she can resurrect from the dead.

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Her Likes:

X-men Wolverine annoying Jean Grey Attraction?

I definitely know that she likes spending quality time and being intimate with Cyclops – somehow being an X-man does not seem to help! I do not think I need to further emphasize how much she loves Cyclops.

However, she also likes Wolverine but because of Cyclops she conceals her feelings. But they do share a very deep and special friendship.

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Her Quotes From Various Issues:
Quotes: Issue:
"-- YOU WON'T BE KILLING ANYONE TODAY." The X-men 100 - Aug 1976

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