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My Review: X-men Jubilee
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My Review: X-men Jubilee

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Being the youngest of the X-men definitely has its perks because almost everyone would tend to be slightly more forgiving.

She is able to get away with some of the things that the other X-man can't. But who's complaining? She is well-loved by her group members!

Jubilee is a very fun-loving, innocent, spontaneous and sarcastic girl. And I think her innocence is the reason why she and Wolverine are so close.

But, she definitely has some kick-ass attitude. And also she has matured quite a bit after the murder of her parents.

Initially, I thought her superpower was very child's play. But as I came to know her better, I realized that her superpower is actually quite powerful.

I think it was the way her superpower was displayed that made me underestimate her ability.

And her superpower is the most popular among kids because she can create displays of fireworks.

X-men Jubilee did not play a big role in the 3 X-men films. Actually, you might not even have noticed her existence. But she has appeared in the 3 films each for less than 10 minutes. What a waste!

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Basic Profile:
Code Name: Jubilee
Real Name: Jubilation Lee
Other Alias: -
First Appearance: Uncanny X-men #244 - May 1989
Romance Partners: -
  • Dr. Lee - Deceased Father
  • Mrs Lee - Deceased Mother
  • Ability to generate explosive bursts of energy similar to fireworks
  • Talented gymnast
Team (Past & Current):
  • Generation X - Current
  • X-men - Past
  • X-Corps - Past
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Brief History:

Then, X-men Jubilee was the "baby" of the group. In the early part of her life, everything was perfect. She was raised in a wealthy and well-to-do Chinese American family and living in Beverly Hills, California.

She was given a first-class education and had the makings of a talented gymnast. However, everything perfect came to an end when her parents were murdered.

Suddenly, the rich and wealthy world that she grew up in disappeared. She became an orphan and sunk to poverty. She had state-sponsored keepers but she escaped and sought refuge in a Hollywood mall. At first, she survived on petty theft.

X-men Jubilee displaying her superpower Her Superpower

But when she found out about her mutant superpower, she started using it to create fireworks. And she started to earn a living by entertaining the shoppers in the mall.

The security at the mall was annoyed by Jubilee's presence and decided to capture her by hiring the M Squad also known as Mutant Hunters, who are "very experienced" in capturing mutants.

Coincidentally, some of the members of X-men such as Storm, Dazzler, Rogue and Psylocke were having a shopping spree on that day. And they foiled the M Squad's plans of capturing Jubilee. Out of curiosity, she secretly followed them through a portal.

Occasionally, she will steal food and clothes from the X-men when they're not around in their temporary Australia Outback base.

X-men Jubilee stealing food Stealing Food

One day, she found X-men's Wolverine tied to a cross and tortured by the Reavers. Initially, she did not want to risk her life to save Wolverine for fear of what the Reavers might do to her.

After much consideration, she decided to save Wolverine and nurse him back to health. Before the complete recovery of Wolverine, they managed to escape to Madripoor before they were located by the Reavers.

Afterwards, X-men Jubilee and Wolverine started to team-up on several missions. She and Wolverine have developed a very strong relationship. She finds a father figure in Wolverine and he counts on Jubilee to prevent him from doing things he might regret.

Finally, when Jubilee met Prof. X she was welcomed with open arms and became the member of the team. However, she was reassigned to Prof. X's new team of young mutants called Generation X and quickly became an excellent team player.

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She hopes to make the world a better place for both humans and mutants. And what better way to do this but to fight side-by-side with her new family, the X-men!

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Superpowers Limitations:

X-men Jubilee is able to generate explosive bursts of energy to attack her enemies or blind them.

X-men Jubilee showing her powers Her Superpowers 2

The explosive bursts of energy that she uses are very similar to fireworks and she can control the intensity/power.

Her fireworks can come in many colours and shapes such as in balls and so on. A very colourful, but yet great superpower to dazzle her enemies. One of her limitations is that her superpowers are not hypnotic, but fantastic for stunning her enemies.

And she could also protect her mind from telepaths.

Not forgetting, her talent in gymnast where she has used it during her petty theft days as mentioned in the brief history above.

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Her Likes:

Being the youngest of the X-men, she definitely loves to have fun and do things any normal young girl love to do like � shopping! I think she also enjoys using her powers to do displays of fireworks, and kids totally love it!

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