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My Review: X-men Juggernaut
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My Review: X-men Juggernaut

Well, I'm a true supporter of the X-men! And so I am no big fan of anybody who pits themselves against the X-men.

Juggernaut used to be one of the enemies of the X-men, but now he is working side-by-side with them.

His superhuman strength is even stronger than some of the mutants that I know, but he is not exactly a mutant. He is a human blessed with the powers of a Ruby that gives him superpowers.

I believe it is possible (probably it has been done already) to take away his superpowers, unlike the other mutants' whose superpowers are almost permanent.

Even though, he took a pretty long time to switch sides, but as I always say "better late than never" right? After reading more about his history, I think he was just a kid who was neglected by his father and jealous of his father's love for his stepbrother, Prof. X.

I guess jealousy is not something to play around with. In this case, it has turned X-men Juggernaut's life around.

Maybe if he was never jealous and was loved by his father, his story would have been different. Oh well � What do you think face?

But honestly, I think he is too rash and unfortunately he is not much of a thinker (no offence to his fans).

However, I admire him for finally realizing that by taking revenge on Prof. X will not change anything. And his courage for doing the right thing and becoming X-men Juggernaut!

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X-men Juggernaut was cast as one of the characters in the X-men 3: The Last Stand and acted by Vinnie Jones. If my memory serves me, there was one particular scene that you might see him chasing after Shadowcat.

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Basic Profile:
Code Name: Juggernaut
Real Name: Cain Marko
Other Alias: -
First Appearance: Uncanny X-men #12 - July 1965
Romance Partners: -
  • Dr. Kurt Marko - Deceased Stepfather
  • Mrs. Marjorie Marko - Deceased Mother
  • Sharon Xavier-Marko - Deceased Stepmother
  • Professor Charles Xavier - Stepbrother
  • Supernatural strength
  • Master fencer
  • Able to block out telepathy using helmet
  • Invulnerable
Team (Past & Current):
  • X-men - Current
  • Exemplars - Past
  • Exiles - Past
  • Excalibur - Past
  • Brotherhood of Mutants - Past
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Brief History:

X-men Juggernaut also known as Cain Marko is the child of Dr. Kurt Marko who was an atomic researcher. After the death of Dr. Brian Xavier, he married Charles's mother, Sharon, and became Charles's stepfather.

He grew up with his stepbrother, Charles that you known as Prof X, and he began hating him because he knew his father preferred Charles. And because of this, Cain enjoyed tormenting Charles anyway he could think of.

In Uncanny X-men 12, Prof. X overheard the argument between Dr. Marko and Cain about the death of his father, Dr. Xavier. After some struggle and spillage of the chemicals, there was an explosion.

Dr. Marko saves young Juggernaut and Prof. X Rescued

His stepfather saved both Cain and Charles from the explosion, even though he was also injured. And before his death, he revealed to Charles that he was part of the cause of his father's death.

He admitted that he could have saved Dr. Xavier but he didn't. Not long later, he passed away.

The times that Cain was caught bullying Charles, he was punished and that made him hate Charles even more. Once, Charles unknowingly used his telepathic abilities to enter Cain's mind and he felt that this was a personal assault.

Cain joined the military service and coincidentally ended up in the same unit as Charles (life is just full of coincidences, don't you think so?) that was fighting in Korea. When their unit was under fire, he ran away but was chased by Charles.

Juggernaut seeks revenge on Prof. X Revenge

Cain stumbled upon a cave and inside was the temple of Cyttorak, where a glowing ruby was lying on the altar.

Charles read inscription on the wall, "Whosoever touches this gem shall possess the power of Cyttorak. Henceforth, you who read these words shall become forevermore a human juggernaut", which served as a warning of the gem's enchantment.

However, Cain refused to listen to Charles.

Immediately, the curse of the gem transformed him and the temple is starting to collapse. Charles escaped the collapsing building, but he was not sure if Cain did.

Juggernaut digging his way out Desperation

But tons of solid rock will not stop the Juggernaut. He dug himself out and went back to America.

From then on, he had battled the X-men on many occasions driven by his hate of his stepbrother, Prof. Charles Xavier (Prof. X).

No matter how much trouble or pain he has brought to Prof. X, he never gave up on Cain and believed that he could be rescued. At one occasion, his partner-in-crime, Black Tom Cassidy, went out of control and he sought the help of the X-men.

Tom Cassidy's attempt to kill Cain was unsuccessful, but he was hurt. Prof. X offered to let Cain stay in his Xavier's mansion to recuperate from his injuries and he accepted.

After fighting side-by-side with the X-men against Maximus Lobo, he experienced a kind of accomplishment that he had never felt before. From then on, he became X-men Juggernaut and Prof. X was delighted!

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Before he became X-men Juggernaut, he believed that by tormenting his stepbrother, Prof. X, can help to remove his hatred for him. But after destroying the plans of Prof. X, he realized he did not achieve anything.

Ultimately, he realized that he is better than that and so he joined the X-men.

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Superpowers Limitations:

X-men Juggernaut is actually a normal human bestowed with the power of the Ruby of Cyttorak that gives him superhuman physical strength. He is immune to any kind of physical attack and has unlimited stamina.

Juggernaut's helmet is removed Helmet Removed

Due to the mystical powers of the Ruby, he does not need to eat, drink or breathe. And he could also certain degree of resistance to injuries by mentally surrounding himself with a force field.

You will also notice the helmet, made from unknown mystical metal, that he wears, which is protects him from any telepathic probe or attack.

Without his helmet, he is very vulnerable to attacks from telepathic such as Prof. X, Psylocke and so on.

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His Likes:

X-men Juggernaut used to love torturing Prof. X because he was jealous that his father loved Prof. X more than him. He only knew how to create chaos and destroy what Prof. X has been working so hard, which is the coexistence between mutants and humans.

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