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My Review: X-men Magneto
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My Review: X-men Magneto

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Magneto is probably one of the greatest nemeses of the X-men and vice versa.

As much as I am supposed to dislike him because he is "evil", I do admire him for his persistence and commitment towards his beliefs.

Like most villains, he had a sad childhood and traumatizing experience which eventually caused him to conspire with other like-minded individuals against the human race.

He can be ruthless and is almost more than willing to sacrifice anyone to achieve his goals. However, there is still a compassionate side in him.

I recalled reading one of the X-men comics (or maybe many more times) that he had helped to rescue Prof. X despite the fact that they are supposed to be enemies.

I guess it is tough for him as he considers Prof. X as one of his greatest confidant, but it also turns out that both of them have conflicting views which prevents them from working together.

If both are willing to work together, I actually do believe they can achieve much greater things. But I guess it is not to be Too bad face

X-men Magneto was one of the main characters in all the three X-men movies and he was played by Sir. Ian Mckellen. You might find him strangely familiar because he was also cast as Gandalf in Lord of the Rings.
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Basic Profile:
Code Name: Magneto
Real Name: Erik Magnus Lehnsherr
Other Alias: The Creator, Erik the Red, the Master of Magnetism
First Appearance: Uncanny X-men #1 - September 1963
Romance Partners:
  • Magda - Deceased ex-wife
  • Polaris's mother - Had an affair with her
  • Anya - Deceased Daughter
  • Lorna Dane (Polaris) - Daughter
  • Magda - Deceased ex-wife
  • Pietro Maximoff (Quiksilver) - Son
  • Wanda Django Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) - Daughter
  • Master of magnetism
Team (Past & Current):
  • Brotherhood of Mutants
  • Leader of Acolytes
  • Lords Cardinal of the Hellfire Club
  • X-men
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Brief History:

X-men Magneto spent most of his childhood days in a Nazi death camp at Auschwitz with his family and he was the only the surviving member of his family. From this traumatic experience, he learned that humans can be so ruthless and capable so inflicting pain onto others.

After this cruel event, he married a woman named Magda and started a family with her. Magda gave birth to their first child called Anya, but he was stopped by a mob which caused the death of his daughter.

Feeling angry and frustrated, he killed them all with his superpowers.

Since then, Magneto became more obsessed with mutant domination. Terrified of what her husband has become, she left him without letting him know that she is again pregnant.

When she found a safe place, she gave birth to twins and gave them up to a gypsy couple to raise them up.

After which, she committed suicide and brought any information of their parentage to the grave with her. His world crumbled with the loss of his child and wife that he decided to seek solace by performing volunteer work in Israel.

He made friends with a telepath, Charles Xavier (Prof. X), who would later be his most challenging long-time rival. During one incident where he and Prof. X battled against terrorists, both of them had to reveal their superpowers to each other.

X-men Magneto history with Prof. X Long History

Charles Xavier believes that both humans and mutants are able to coexist peacefully, but Magnus begged to differ. As much as Magneto would like to believe in his good friend, Charles, his bad experience in Auschwitz taught him otherwise.

Most importantly, Magneto does not want history to repeat itself again.

Both went their separate ways, while Magneto pursued mutant dominance as some might call it terrorism, Charles strived towards a peaceful coexistence.

That was when Magnus became known as our X-men Magneto, who will eventually become Professor X's long-time rival in battle.

After which, Magneto recruited new members and formed a group called the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, which will be his stepping stone towards total mutant domination. By coincidence, two of his recruits were Quiksilver and Scarlet Witch. But it was only until years later that he found out that they were his children.

Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Brotherhood

No matter how many times the X-men has destroyed his plans, those countless defeats did nothing to slow him down. It only encouraged him to continue striving towards his goal.

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X-men Magneto believes that homo-superiors can only be truly free through the enslavement of the human race. He had been through so much suffering to finally understand that both races will not be able to coexist peacefully.

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Superpowers Limitations:

As you have read in the comics or seen in the movies/cartoons, X-men Magneto has the power to control magnetism. He can manipulate any kind of magnetic field into any form he desires.

X-men Magneto using his magnetism powers Magnetism

He is able to use his magnetism superpower to increase his physical strength so much so that he can lift weights up to 100 tons. You have seen him turn the guns against their aggressors, lifted up cars, and much more.

Very often, you will see that he protects himself with a magnetic force field which is expandable. Also, you see should have seen him using his magnetism ability to travel around.

Most importantly, he is able to do many things simultaneously. However, the impact of his ability is also based on his physical well being. If he is injured, his ability to control large amounts of magnetism will be much lower.

How else do you think he can become the X-men Magneto he is today? Cheers

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His Likes:

He loved his deceased wife and daughter very much. When they were taken away from him, he was devastated. He blames the humans for his lost and now has taken a fancy in torturing/killing any humans to accomplish his goals.

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