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When the 1st X-men movie came out, the first thought that came into my mind was: "this was not going to last". Call me a skeptic, but I did not expect the production of multiple X-men movie especially with the sudden influx of comic-related superheroes such as the Hulk, Spiderman, Ironman, etc.

I initially thought that it was just a phase when everyone is crazy about it and it will soon blow over. But till now, I have been proven won and boy am I glad that the X-men comic inspired move have come this far!

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The X men film franchise have proven to be a great investment for Marvel (not only monetary gains obviously), but they have found another way to grow the readership and exposure of the X-men to others who were not yet a fan. Most importantly, the loyalty to the X-men brand has also grown stronger than ever.

Now, we see a bigger pool of X-men fans from both X-men comic or previously non X-men fans (obviously they got converted), that we have seen spin-offs such as the Wolverine movie, upcoming Magneto movie (accurate from the time I am writing this) and so forth. We are even having a 2nd Wolverine movie and also X-men First Class movie.

Each X-man movie was special and the effects are getting better due to the advancement in technology to make watching experience so enjoyable. Maybe, soon enough we will be watching X-men films in 3D or 4D? All is possible!

So here I will be adding on information, reviews, pictures, trailers, discussion, etc, related to all related X-man movie as I believe we won't be able to get rid of them now. Can we? I of course surely do not mind and since you are now reading this, I know neither would you!

I will also recommend and discuss about X-men costumes from the movies themselves because costumes and props are all part of the Xmen movie. Let me know what else I can add on here that is related to any X-man movie!

X-men Movie 3:

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X-men First Class Movie:

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X-men Days of Future Past

X-men Wolverine Movie:

X-men Origins Wolverine Review and Trailer
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X-men Magneto Movie:

Magneto Movie News

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