X-men Movies Rogue and Lady Deathstrike

So why am I here telling you about X-men movies rogue and lady deathstrike? So I'll just go straight to the points and satisfy your curiosities. Well, some of the characters were portrayed differently in the X-men movie/s as compared to the X-men comics.

How different? Keep on reading then … If you are a fan of X-men comics, you may have noticed some differences. Some of the differences are (there may be more):

  1. Lady Deathstrike does not have a working history with William Stryker as portrayed in the X-men movie 2 (at least not that I know of).
  2. Lady Deathstrike (in X-men comics) is actually a cyborg and not a mutant with similar abilities as Wolverine.
  3. Rogue’s name is Marie D'Ancanto in the movies, but her name was never revealed in X-men comics’ history (apparently her name was revealed in the series of X-Treme X-Men after the movie).

Reading comics helps me to relieve stress and is my ticket out of reality - for a while at least! Maybe, you could too? Celebration Face
By the way, all my references are my own knowledge of the Uncanny X-men comics and X-men Movies 1 & 2.

If you would like to start reading X-men comics, I highly recommend reading the Uncanny X-men comics as I have always enjoyed them and still do. Why?
Click here to find out why i love the old issues of Uncanny X-men

Of course, start reading from the earliest issue onwards, so that you will not get lost. Even if you buy the later issues, you will be able to catch up quite easily. I’m positive that you will be hooked onto the X-men, just like me!

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